The Controversies From Shakira and J-LO

Half-Time Show Review

The Controversies From Shakira and J-LO
Shakira and Jennifer Lopez

During the fifty fourth Super Bowl this year in 2020, the Half-Time show was a performance put on by Shakira and Jennifer Lopez. The show caused quite the controversy in the media. While everybody is entitled to their opinion, some things are simply facts. Facts and humanity are what we are here to discuss today.

Jennifer Lopez

First and most discussed issue, the outfit choices. Facts are if anyone ever watched a single NFL game before the Super Bowl, they would see the outfits of every cheer leading team. These cheer leading outfits are not only revealing and provocative but show even more skin than the outfits worn during the Half-Time show. Many people, mainly Christians, complained that the outfit choices were not appropriate for television. As a Christian myself, I have to say I think those complaining are a bit out of line, so let’s review the facts. Again, the cheer leading outfits are revealing so if you have a problem with the outfits used during Half-Time show, then you should have an issue with the cheer leading outfits as well, and have no business watching anything in the NFL period. Secondly, yes, it clearly was appropriate for television since it was legally aired across the entire country. Just because you personally hold a higher level of conduct for yourself does not mean the rest of the world has to follow your lead, and they won’t. The NFL is not a religious organization, it is a football organization, and therefore have no obligation other than that which is legally required by law; and in the United States we have a clear separation of Church and State. Thirdly, lets assume you didn’t watch a single football game before the Super Bowl and had no idea about the provocative nature involved in it. If it truly upset you, you should change the channel or turn the television off. Nobody is forcing you to watch the game or the Half-Time show; and while the NFL Super Bowl is a popular thing in the United States, the world will not end if you show without wearing a shirt on or anything above his hips. This means he was half naked, at the same event and hosting the same show, just a year earlier. And he did not receive the same criticism that Shakira and Jennifer Lopez currently are. That is an example of sexism. So, given these facts I think it’s safe to say that Shakira and Jennifer Lopez are in the clear for their outfits and the outfits of their dancers.

Second on the list for criticism is the language they used, or should I say languages. No, they didn’t break any swear word restrictions set for television; they simply sang in more than one language. Yes, English is the primary language in the United States. However, thirteen percent of the population in the United States learn Spanish as their primary language. Additionally, there is an estimated twelve million bilingual Spanish speaking citizens in the United States. With this many people speaking Spanish, it is not surprising that it is going to be involved in several public settings and events. Another thing we must remember is that most of us descend from immigrants, and had history gone differently, we could have a different primary language. Reality is there’s no logical reason as to why we can’t incorporate multiple languages into our events. Many other countries require two languages to be taught in schools from a young age so that as adults their citizens are fluent in at least two languages. If other countries can handle entire lifestyles consisting of two languages, I believe we will survive a fourteen-minute Half-Time show that uses two languages.

Puerto Rico Flag & Political Statement

Third on the discussion list is the political statement made with the children in cages, and the Puerto Rican flag shown. What many Americans fail to realize is these are in fact actual American Issues. Children are being locked up, separated from families, kept in cages, some even losing their lives, many suffering from abuse or being stolen into human trafficking, and it’s all happening on American soil under the supervision of the American government. As far as Puerto Rico goes, it is a United States territory and therefore, part of the United States. Yet they are being treated as less than human with a lack of resources for disaster relief and greedy government officials preventing proper aid. If this happened in a State such as Texas or California, there would be outrage. But because it’s a territory and filled with minorities with a heavy Spanish speaking population, they are discriminately ignored. The Super Bowl Half-Time show was the perfect platform to speak up about serious issues.

In conclusion, the facts show that the outfits are appropriate for television, Spanish is not only appropriate but healthy for our country to incorporate into public events, and the political statements made were very American, despite the disagreement of close-minded individuals.

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