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The Best Ways To Approach/Counter Tyranny

This is, in my opinion, a much-needed how-to!

By Gabriel MohrPublished 3 years ago 6 min read

Quick Facts

-Tyranny is a fundamentally corrupt structure to live within! Refusing to accept it whenever we come across it can lead to a much better lifestyle.

-Disidentifying from the tyrant within ourselves and ignoring tyranny when we see it is one of the best ways to counter it!


If there's one thing I would change about our species it's the relentless pursuit for power and authority. I've personally suffered from tyranny and I'm sure you have as well since tyrannical narcissists make the majority of the elite that are alive today.

But perhaps even more frightening is the idea that the tyrant lies within us on the psychological level, ready to spring out and negatively affect everything around it. Suppressing this tendency sounds good on paper but often doesn't end well when practiced!

What Tyranny Is

This is what tyranny is, as I have observed it:

The tyrant is the opposite of the good king. The good king genuinely cares for his subjects and provides for them in plenty.

The tyrant, on the other hand, only cares about himself. His subjects only exist to serve him, and therefore they are treated poorly.

This archetype has been playing itself out for a long, long time in the literal sense; that is, kings and emperors who didn't care about anyone but themselves. In America it's a little more subtle now; we have the CEOs of large companies that often (if not always) act out this archetype.

For example, the people who are at the very top of any candy company don't give a shit about whether or not their product is hurting people, otherwise, they wouldn't sell it! It's not even a thought in their mind. They're probably spending most of their time working and spending what little free time they have in very expensive ventures. They see people as stepping stones to living out their detrimental lifestyle and nothing more, and since they have as much power as they do, I consider them tyrannical.

Why Tyranny Is So Detrimental

Why should we care that the land is already owned? Why is tyranny so bad? Shouldn't we just fight against it anyway?

A tyrant is very, very insecure, intensely so. The reason we know this is because they require physical force to enact their demands and defend them from angry lashing out, whereas the good king's subjects feel loved and appreciated and willing to do what he asks.

In fact, this is why they often have so much power; they feel a deeply-rooted desire to climb the ladder and screw people over because they genuinely feel powerless.

So, you have someone at the top of government/large corporation who has a lot of power but who's in a lot of pain. Then you add many, many more people like this and you get what we have in America today - a bunch of people who are always frustrated, late for work, and behind on their projects. Not to mention that many American lifestyles have become sedentary and dangerous due to the lack of exercise and stunning anti-lack of a poor diet, but it's not entirely their fairly since these people are willing to serve shit to their fellow citizens in the first place.

Also, without tyranny, there is no corrupt power struggle that really matters. What I mean is if we don't engage with these tyrannical doings (buying crappy food, participating in elections, etc) they will cease to have any power, and this is good since their power comes at the expense of your wellbeing. I encourage you to think about that!

How To Navigate In A World Run By Tyrannical People

Okay, let's get into the meat and potatoes of the whole thing - how to deal with it.

Since we've had to historically deal with tyranny for such a long time I'm almost completely certain that the archetype of the tyrant lies within us on the psychological level. I suggest the first thing we do is consciously choose to disidentify from the archetype, accept it for what it is, and watch it play itself out in our minds. This effectively transcends the need to act out the archetype, and having our full attention on it helps us understand it fully, and understanding it fully leads to the solution for healing, which in many cases has to do with recognition and acceptance!

After this is complete we have multiple ways of navigating in a world run by tyrannical people:

-We can ignore tyranny entirely. This option is more difficult the fewer people are willing to join you, but it's still a valid option. If we simply ignore the low-vibrational orders from government and corporate officials we will be in the clear because of the constitution, and we will also be dealing with it in a much more effective way than by arguing. I encourage you to encourage your friends and family to ignore tyranny whenever they see it, and the larger of a group we simultaneously do this with, the more effective and influential we will be.

-We can learn how to love tyrants and then deliberately seek them out. It's not difficult to love a tyrant and give them what they truly desire, although I suspect this option will not be very effective towards many tyrants since they tend to be the most resistant towards love out of everybody! This path is not for the faint of heart and I commend you for taking it.

-We can separate ourselves from tyranny by buying our own land and living off the grid. Tyranny is present in everything to do with money, and so living off the grid on your own plot of land is one of the best ways to deal with tyranny! Now that I think about it, there are still property taxes and things of the like… But this option brings you very close, and I'm sure you could bring this issue to court if you want to be completely free of tyranny.

-The video and content production-abled among us can add some anti-tyrannical subliminal messaging to their videos! This is one of the most helpful things we can do to counter tyranny.

-Speaking of court, you can challenge tyranny wherever you see it. I don't recommend this option unless it's a last resort since arguing with the unreasonable often doesn't produce desirable results! Even if you're in the legal right I wouldn't be surprised if the court ruled in the favor of their buddy since they scratch each other’s backs quite often. If you're going to challenge tyranny I recommend knowing your rights, the constitution, and the law inside and out, and hiring a lawyer who is effective and has a good heart.

Final Thoughts

I often mistake outbursts of anger for actual tyranny, and I don't want you to do the same! For example, a co-worker might say "You need to go do so-and-so" in a resentful tone of voice, and while my subconscious mind says "that's tyranny and it needs to be fought" I later realize that it was simply an angry outburst and that I shouldn't have taken it so personally.

Also, while it seems easier to do, conforming to the tyrannical desires of others is the worst thing we can possibly do (in this perspective) for one sole reason: it's never enough. If you give them an inch they'll go a mile and then push you for more, because that's their nature. They don't feel gratitude for what they have, instead, they're possessed by insecurity and the obsession for power, so obeying their orders only tells them that they're on the right track and that they can move on to bigger, nastier things!


In conclusion, it can be difficult to properly handle these kinds of people because they tend to be so powerful. While it can be difficult it's definitely worth the effort to ignore them because true freedom lies on the other side!

Thank you so much for reading my article, I'll see you in the next post :)


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