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The Benefits of Socialism

by Kevin Tennert about a year ago in activism
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Socialism has helped more people than you think. End the stigma!

The idea of socialism has been around for a long time. In the transformative years of the 19th Century, socialism started to make a gradual appearance in the areas of social benefits, worker's unions, shifts with hourly restrictions and social security. It was a revolution for the common human being. But since during the soviet union, the rise of communism and its downfall from international stardom in the early 1990s, many people have linked socialism to evil and destruction. To clear this up, I would like to discuss the benefits of socialism and how it has helped hundreds of millions of people around the world.

Socialism is the equitable and egalitarian dissemination of resources and goods to the citizens of the country, which is controlled by the government, of course. It also means that everyday citizens should be lending a helping hand to others who have experienced a lot of unfortunate events in their lives. Our lives would be completely different without its windfall. We have a lot to be thankful for it. For instance, eight-hour work shifts, wage increases, social security (pension and old-age pension), and company benefits such as medical and dental coverage are terrific examples of socialism. So many people have reaped the rewards of the program. Because of this, we live more comfortable and happy lives. Even people down on their luck have had the ability to remain afloat with social assistance grants, food stamps, and aid. Donations and charitable events are critical methods in achieving goals in education, non-profit organizations, and social needs. In an expensive world, it is nearly impossible to raise a certain amount of money on your own. You rely on the goodness and generosity of others to meet specific needs. It could be for life-saving medication, medical costs at the hospital, helping a family who lost their home to a fire, or even funds to cover funerals. This is important to note. As members of society, we have the responsibility to take care of each other because we all use the same facilities and contribute to the country's fortunes. The same thing goes to the federal government. They have the responsibility to ensure a good quality of life for its citizens. The taxpayers fund the country. In return, the country should take care of its people. It is that simple.

I find the best example of government responsibility is occurring amid the COVID-19 pandemic in the grandest scale possible. The world-wide outbreak has forced powerful governments and global agencies to take drastic measures in ensuring the well-being of its citizens. They didn't have a choice. Government loans and grants have to be given out so businesses could operate and keep citizens from losing their homes. Monthly rent has either been slashed or reduced. Even big corporations have paid their workers more money to keep them on the job. This is more apparent for front-line workers at grocery stores who have risked their health to keep groceries flowing.

For many decades now, socialism has been demonized. Many people have compared it to communism and Marxism which are completely different ideological standpoints. Communism uses a strict planned-economy model for its host country whereas Marxism is the urgent rise of the proletariat to seize control of bourgeoisie ownership of companies and factories. These ideas also stemmed from the 19th century like socialism which is why many people have linked socialism with these ideas. In countries like the United States of America, where capitalism have been extreme, socialism is seen as the demon child who wants to unravel and destroy what the country has built over the years. This is false. Moderate capitalism is good. Good doses of socialism under normal conditions are also key. I find socialism is responsible for building countries like the United States of America because it gave workers protection and wealth. When the common worker has more money, they will spend it, giving the country even more wealth than before. Post-world war two America is a great example of this.

In conclusion, socialism is critical in keeping a country running. It boosts morale and security, increases buying power for the end-consumer, and even saves lives under extreme circumstances. Not only is the government accountable for maintaining a good quality of life but also its citizens have the duty to ensure it too for its fellow citizens. When everybody does their part, the entire country thrives and becomes an inspiration for other nations in a global community.


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Kevin Tennert

I think expressing yourself in fundamental and categorical topics help create a more transparent, concise, and educational environment. For me, I like to explain key issues that dominate current events in society and encourage dialogue.

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