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The American Gun Problem

by Kevin Tennert about a year ago in controversies
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Gun Culture run amok

Much like other constitutional amendments, the second amendment arose from colonial America as British rule dominated the customary way of life. To understand how it came about, we have to know about the tumultuous environment leading up to the outbreak of the American Revolution.

Colonists were subjected to British Rule by the King, just like any other protectorate at the time. In the thirteen colonies for instance, the King and Parliament bestowed a series of laws upon the colonists. The problem is that American colonists objected to this form of rule since they weren't represented at the British House of Commons. Taxation without representation was the rallying cry for countless frustrated colonists who believed this kind of rule was unjust and unfair. To make matters worse, Great Britain approved of laws which burdened the thirteen colonies with more taxes. Of course, it's traditional to raise and approve taxes in an effort to fund mammoth expeditions, explorations, and the maintenance of their overseas colonies. Great Britain was a world power at the time with a powerful fleet of warships and impressive military size. It costs a lot of money to keep them in order and defend their investments and assets.

Life in the thirteen colonies wasn't bad. American colonists enjoyed relative peace with a decent economic output and development. Good infrastructure, agriculture and commerce kept everything moving. But for many colonists, taxation without representation had already sewn the seeds of tyranny. The only way out was full independence from the British crown.

To safeguard their new rights, the American government came up with a list of revolutionary amendments as a cornerstone to their new foundation. One of them is the second amendment, which states that an organized militia must take up and bear arms. Mind you, this was the kind of thinking that was dominant in the second half of the 18th century. Considering the weaponry, technology, and social upbringing of the general population, this amendment made a lot of sense. As you know, any amendment or law must undergo stringent reforms to remain relevant and transparent. As time goes on, social expectations and norms change, new technologies and weaponry develop, and politics transform. Like I mentioned earlier, to keep up with the changes, laws and amendments also need changing.

Sadly, this isn't the case with the second amendment. The lack of interest to do anything about it has created dire consequences. As a result, its meaning has been warped. Many American believe it means the right to have a gun. But not just a gun, any gun will do. Their conclusion is false, but it hasn't stopped them from arming themselves to the teeth as if they're preparing for an apocalyptic war. In many states and thanks to politicians, any ordinary citizen regardless of their criminal history, mental health, and domestic upbringing, it is legally allowed to purchase and possess a firearm. Not just one, but many, if need be. Not only that, they don't require a background check, training, and awareness of the dangers of firearms from the buyer. In they go and out they come with one. This paradigm has caused serious problems in the country for many decades. Tens of thousands of Americans are killed by firearms due to the utter leniency of loose and anemic gun laws. Mass shootings in schools, businesses and public places have terrorized and petrified everyday hard-working Americans who are just going by their daily lives. No one deserves to die because of this. A person with mental health and anger management issues could decide to extinguish a high number of people as an act of vengeance if they feel they've been wronged in some way. This has happened many times.

More and more politicians and people are now calling for reforms. Too many innocent people have died. Unfortunately, the gun culture is deeply ingrained into the psyche of everyday Americans. To be a true, patriotic American, you must own a gun. Do it to protect yourself, your property, and family. If you call for reforms and justice, you're unpatriotic, a threat and traitor to American pride and values. Also, major groups such as the NRA and right-wing conservatives have demonized anyone who chose to express condemnation to lenient gun laws. In my opinion, these groups enable more blood to be spilled. They deflect instead of offering solutions to combat the problem. As President Barack Obama once said: "To do nothing is a decision as well." To do nothing but stigmatize and attack people who want change is despicable, but it's the current situation. It's a sad reality. As long as the NRA and powerful conservatives are in power, nothing will get done and more innocent Americans will suffer.


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Kevin Tennert

I think expressing yourself in fundamental and categorical topics help create a more transparent, concise, and educational environment. For me, I like to explain key issues that dominate current events in society and encourage dialogue.

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