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The 2020 Presidential Election in America

by Kevin Tennert 5 months ago in trump

One crazy and intense step at a time

In my opinion, the 2020 general election in America is the most controversial and critical election the United States and the world community have seen in decades. Never before have I seen so many big figures in business, entertainment, politics, and activism pleading with people to vote. The reason for it is simple. Many of them see Donald Trump's first term in office as an absolute calamity of epic proportions. The United States have experienced foreign and domestic turmoil and disarray. Even the sacred foundation of democracy is teetering on the brink of collapse. Extremism, racism, and social inequality have seen rapid increases under Donald Trump. With all this in mind, it is important to note why so many people want to see Trumps' removal from office during this year's general election.

Historians and many people from the general public see Donald Trump as the worst president in American history. His campaign run for reelection is reinforcing this vision concretely as he said more than once that he isn't interested in a peaceful transition. This has been a sacred tradition for outgoing and ingoing presidents under democratic principles. His threat not to uphold this tradition is blasphemy. Furthermore, he paints the Democrats as an evil, radical and divisive party and blames them for all sorts of issues that occurred under his watch such as the coronavirus, gun problems, violence, rioting and political extremism. First of all, the novel coronavirus spread like wildfire in a tinder dry forest with hurricane-force gusts. Trump ignored clear warnings from agencies and the WHO. His attacks on science blinded him from the consequences of viral spread. He doesn't agree with specialists and doctors on how to contain the spread. He argued with them and threatened them with termination if they didn't acknowledge his ideas. Trump even called the coronavirus a hoax and spread the idea that untested medication and bleach should be consumed by people who are sick with it. Just recently a member of his staff admitted that the government can't control it. At least there's some transparency there but it's a sad reality. In all, more than 240,000 Americans have died, millions upon millions of others have been infected. This pandemic has upended and destroyed lives, families, businesses and the trust of the government. Trump was eventually infected with the virus but due to his status as president he received all possible treatment to get better. The same can't be said for the average American and even members of the secret service who have to protect him even if Trump still refused to wear a mask and downplay the effects of the virus.

In his rallies, tweets and television interviews, Trump paints the Democrats as a ruthless and monstrous party that wants to destroy America. He blames them for gun violence and rioting in Democrat-stronghold cities. He receives tremendous support from the NRA who refuses to acknowledge any violence caused by firearms. Any attempt to reform the gun laws and the second amendment is met with swift refusal from the president. How can cities like Chicago do anything if the president and his government do nothing about it? Social inequality is partially responsible for violence and the Trump administration has done nothing about it either. His support and refusal to condemn white supremacy adds more fuel to the fire which embolden them to conduct attacks on innocent people. He wanted white extremists to guard the polling stations during the election and spread fear that the election will be rigged. Do you have any idea how dangerous this is? Voter intimidation is a serious assault on Americans' right to vote in peace. The President of the United States of America isn't supposed to encourage tribalism, division, and dissension. He's supposed to see every American as equals because he has to serve them and recognize their needs. That's what a president does. Instead, Trump attacks minorities, pits one group against another, and encourages extremists to have a voice and to spread their influence.

The first presidential debate between Trump and Biden is considered by many to be the worst debate many people have ever seen. Many viewers saw Trump's utter unhinged lunacy and lack of control. He insulted his opponent and spread lies about him and his family. It was an absolute dumpster fire display from the incumbent of the country's highest political office. There's supposed to be integrity, legitimacy, transparency and fairness with the highest office, but since Trump has been president, there hasn't been any of these to be felt.

Trump's shameful and racist behavior has also found its way to Kamala Harris who is Biden's running mate for the upcoming election. He has called her a monster and a person who wants to ruin America if she is elected as vice-president. Trump has a history of mistreating and humiliating women, especially women and men of color. He doesn't see them as legitimate Americans which is a massive slap in the face to America's history of immigration. Instead, he compares immigrants and Americans with distinct immigrant backgrounds as pests who are hell-bent on unraveling America's prestige as a protestant, white Anglo-Saxon nation.

Another problem Trump has caused is the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett as the next supreme court judge. She is the exact opposite to Ruth Bader Ginsburg who has graced the position with conviction, resolve and tolerance. Barrett hasn't supported the LGTBQIA+ community and is a steadfast opponent to abortion. Trump wants to fill the supreme court with conservative judges who could align themselves with his ideas that are not congruent to America's position on key issues. Trump wants to rush the process before the election takes place. The Republicans want to do the same thing. When Obama wanted Merrick Garland to fill Antonin Scalia's spot on the court who passed away a month before, the Republicans did everything they could to stop it for months fearing Obama was rushing the process. Too much hypocrisy.

Currently as I type this, Trump and the GOP are making it difficult for voters to vote using mail-in ballots. Trump and his administration has been spreading outrageous lies about fraud concerning mail-in ballots which are completely false. Americans have been using this method of casting ballots since the civil war. It's an integral part of the country's democratic institution. I wouldn't be surprised if the government is using gerrymandering tactics to get results in their favor. Trump and the GOP are also using the courts to curb official election results. So far, a few of them have rejected their attempts. These cases are extreme violations to democratic methods in ensuring that the people's voices are heard. I can't even believe that this is happening. Trump's government will do anything to undermine the United States and his followers are allowing and celebrating it.

It has been announced that foreign sovereign states such as Russia and Iran are attempting to sabotage the 2020 elections. I'm not surprised by this. In my opinion, Russia was successful in getting Trump into power in 2016 and they'll do it again. The Kremlin has something on Trump and Putin loves to wrap his friend around his finger.

After it all had been said and done, CNN and many other news outlets have declared Joe Biden the 46th President and Kamala Harris, the first female black/Asian Vice-President, of the United States of America. It was an historic election on so many levels. More people have voted this time than in any other election in American history which is why it took so long for polling stations in battleground states to count the votes.

Trump was ahead in many states because his supporters tend to vote in person. Democrats prefer to send their ballots by mail. In the time of COVID, many people have chosen this method of making their voices heard.

Trump has reacted to the news in a manner that I have expected him to react. He has called the election process fraudulent, challenging, discrediting and damaging an utmost sacred institution of American democracy. He has sown the seeds of distrust, hate, and paranoia, wanting his supporters to think that the election has been rigged. No claim he put forth proved to be truthful. He and his administration have an abhorrent and ridiculous track record of making false claims, lawsuits and court orders about voter fraud. He did it in the beginning of his presidency and now he's ending it the same way. Trump and his campaign have alleged that non-residents have voted, Trumps' ballots have ended up in the garbage, and that mail-in-ballots can be manipulated. Why does Trump and his administration detest mail-in-ballots? Because they knew that Democrats would use them to vote for Biden. That's it. Can you believe it? There have been investigations and they have concluded again and again that the claims he presented were utterly false and without merit. I hope people are aware of how destructive this is to a country. Trump's revolting, selfish and dangerous behavior is encouraging unstable people to take matters into their own hands and the Michigan militia and other groups of the same caliber are prime examples. In Michigan, they stormed the state legislature and threatened the officials with firearms. They even plotted to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer to try her for treason. They and other branches of Trump's support have resorted to violence to protect their deranged messiah. For instance, police in Philadelphia received a tip that a group was plotting an attack on the convention center where ballots are being counted by hard-working bi-partisan volunteers. Do you have any idea how dangerous this is? Trump is trying to undermine and ruin a democratic institution only because he wants to win. He doesn't give a shit about anyone but himself and is willing to see the country burn if he doesn't get what he wants. He always talked about me me me. I did this and I did that. I have never seen such childish and reckless behavior from a sitting President. In the end, he lashed out because he knew what will happen to him when he leaves the oval office. He is known to have defrauded many people and I'm sure that tax evasion is a part of his criminal activities. Donald Trump is the worst President in American history and many history books will reflect this statement.


Kevin Tennert

I think expressing yourself in fundamental and categorical topics help create a more transparent, concise, and educational environment. For me, I like to explain key issues that dominate current events in society and encourage dialogue.

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Kevin Tennert
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