That Summer Wind

by Dr. Williams about a year ago in activism

The Wheels of Government

That Summer Wind

Oh! How I long for that summer wind. The gentle breeze warmed by the sun. In this troubled world one needs the sweet caress of that soft summer wind. Now, as another page of life turns fond memories rekindle precious moments that are now frozen in conscious thought. Whatever joy can be found today quickly is overwhelmed by the calculated callousness of a power structure that continues to whittle away those endeavors that would negate all the anguish throughout the world.

The sadness of these times has seeped into every corner of existence. For millions their desperate cries keep falling on the deaf ears of those who wield the sword of injustice. How many have to suffer before the abuses of a world gone cold where the warm summer wind will never exist? The world today is governed not by benevolence and compassion but by greed. The power of wealth continues to dictate humanities fate.

To be free from want and free from fear is the greatest gift man can bestow on mankind. Yet, there are those that are incapable to find solutions that would enable mankind to actually be recipients of this greatest gift we can give to each other. It seems that man is at a cross roads of human history. It is as though that warm summer breeze we felt a long time ago has turned cold by the realities of today.

These are serious times and we need concrete answers to solve the many crisis of our time. Yet we still have leaders who openly deny and vehemently oppose any options that would help alleviate the current environmental and economic crisis mankind is faced with. Many believe that what we, as a society, don't undertake this year will only increase the suffering and anguish of millions around the world.

As it stands today on a global scale our oceans, too many of our lakes, and our rivers continue to be polluted on a massive scale never seen before in our history. In the United States too many municipalities fresh water supply systems carry contaminates that are so hazardous even if they boil the water before using still is too detrimental for the health and safety of any one who consumes that water. Just look at what Flint Michigan is still faced with.

The monumental tasks at hand require creative and innovative solutions if mankind hopes to secure humanities future. It is not only securing adequate fresh and safe water for all but ever since Monsanto has gained a monopoly in the food supply chain the rates of cancer, obesity, and the many other health issues all have risen. The sad fact is that our declining health as a nation is a direct result of our dependence on the industrialization of the food we consume. Today, the United States has become one of the least healthiest nations in the world. Could it be by design? Think about it now. Monsanto's profits have soared over the years while the pharmaceutical industry continues to be the beneficiaries in terms of profits based on all the pills we take to combat the illnesses caused by the food we consume.

We still have leaders in government who could bring change but are still in denial about the drastic effects being felt all around the world by the increased use of fossil fuels. In this age of reliable green energy there is no reason other than greed as to why not only the United States, Russia, and Saudi Arabia continue ignore the damaging effects that CO2 emissions are causing. The failure of the Trump Administration in refuting that climate change is happening due to our continued increase consumption of fossil fuel is one of the greatest dangers we face today. And if we continue on this same path without implementing much needed reforms those summer winds many of my generation experienced so long ago will never return.

Throughout our history only when there was an overwhelming call for action did the wheels of government intervene. And in many cases that intervention caused drastic consequences. For the past 40 years the wheels of government have widened the income disparity gap. Today, there are more people than ever who have fallen from prosperity to just getting by and even more people have fallen from just getting by into poverty. This, at a time, where only a few have gone from prosperity to become wealthy. And the wealthy have only become wealthier all because of existing governmental policies.

The economic and financial outlook for millions not only in America but throughout the world continues to deteriorate. The U.S. still has a government and an administration catering to the wealthy and not for the majority of its citizens. The failure of government incorporated within major corporations have systematically rendered much of the population virtually helpless in being able to climb that ladder of upward mobility. This is the reality facing too many people. Change is desperately needed. The cries of the people demand action to solve the urgent crisis that threaten the peace and stability of a world gone cold.

There are solutions to the many urgent crises. But, it takes more of us to unite behind a plan of direction, be willing to compromise to achieve that decisive plan of direction and be willing implement it. Education is paramount to the success in achieving the goals that are so necessary to end the quagmire humanity is in. Remembering free for want and free from fear is the ultimate goal for all of mankind. In the United States that plan of direction is outlined by National Economic Ten Articles Of Confederation. It could very well be a road map for other nations to follow. And in that way the future will be secured for all of us to enjoy those summer winds like we had so long ago.

Dr. Williams
Dr. Williams
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