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Syria Could become Trump’s Vietnam

Deep State seeks to create Trump's very own military nightmare.

By Patrick HostisPublished 7 years ago 4 min read

In a striking policy 180-degree change, President Trump launched a punitive missile strike on the base he believes launched a chemical weapons attack on civilians earlier in the week. This policy shift could lead to yet another neo-con sponsored war in the middle east.

President Trump apparently had a change of heart after seeing video of children suffering the effects of the chemical weapon attack. While I believe, Trump was very moved by the images of the victims, I do not trust those feeding intelligence to the President about who committed this atrocity. Let us not forget, it was just proven the same intel agencies killed time not so long ago, spying on…Mr. Trump himself.

Also, it wasn’t all that long ago when the intelligence community announced that Saddam was desperately trying to get yellow-cake uranium. That led to the disaster known as Operation Iraqi Freedom. We are still suffering through the consequences of that intel gem. According to multiple sources, Assad may not have been responsible for this week’s chemical attack at all. It certainly warranted further investigation before we started launching missiles at Syria.

I believe Trump is a good person, with a big heart. Unfortunately, in the cruel world of politics, this is a weakness the deep state preys on. They put some video of innocent dead and dying people gasping for air and he responded emotionally. In his post-attack statement, he mentioned seeing video of babies struggling to breathe. Obviously, this made a big impression on him.

For a President to have 180-degree policy change based on an attack where the perpetrators' identity is unclear, is a very dangerous precedent. Trump has-unwittingly in my opinion-aligned himself with John McCain, George Soros, Hillary Clinton, and ISIS. In fact, it has been reported that immediately after the US strike, ISIS began a new military offensive in Syria.

Syria is a political nightmare. Every action the US takes, inevitably leads to somehow helping someone just as bad or worse than who your target initially was. After eight years of Obama’s special brand of weakness, Syria is nearly hopeless. The time to act was years ago, not now. Militarily speaking, the strike was of very little value. However, the geopolitical ramifications could be massive.

It is a good sign that Russia has announced that its support for Assad is not unconditional. This may be a sign that Russia is distancing itself from the Syrian President. But, if Assad goes who comes next? Anyone who comes next will be just as bad. Unless we commit to a generations-long occupation of Syria in order to ‘Democratize’ them. We should all remember how great this worked out in Vietnam and Iraq.

If President Trump can be provoked to attack a country because of an atrocity, this will be a very bloody four years. Note I said four years. If Trump continues getting us mired in foreign entanglements and an arms race with Russia, the Democrats will easily win with whatever globalist, corrupt, language Nazi they pick from their considerable arsenal.

At a bare minimum, his choice to use armed force was much too quick. And now it looks like the Trump administration may be trying to connect Russia with the recent chemical weapon attack in Syria. That could be a very dangerous accusation. I do hope the President has thought through the possible results this. Due to the quickness of his decision, I doubt he has.

I supported Trump in his White House bid. I supported him because he was supposed to be an outsider, a reformer. But now, he is looking more and more like a globalist, neocon puppet. I do not think he is trying to get us mired in a middle east crisis. However, he is listening to people who would love nothing more than to see Trump trapped in a Vietnam of his own making. I think that is what the deep state is doing. If Trump continues to do their bidding, then it will be clear we were duped. At that point it will be clear, we got two presidents for the price of one: Trump and Jeb will be revealed to be the real Trump administration.

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Patrick Hostis

Soldier, Patriot, Author, Political Commentator. American to the Core! A believer in American Exceptionalism & the Constitution. Combat Veteran of the Iraq War.

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