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Stop Confusing Gun Reform/Control with Losing Your Second Amendment Rights

Please *actually read* the full article before making your rebuttal!

By Anne & AnamesaPublished 6 years ago 3 min read
Top Story - March 2018

Gun reform/ control can be defined as: “the set of laws or policies that regulate the manufacture, sale, transfer, possession, modification, or use of firearms by civilians.”

For whatever reason, many people are confusing gun reform and control with gun ban, which makes no sense in correlation with gun reform’s BASIC definition.

People who are fighting for change in our gun laws are NOT trying to “take away your rights.” People fighting for gun reform do NOT wish to take away your guns.

The desire is simple: reform our gun laws in ways to ensure guns do not fall into the wrong hands. We want an America where public places- schools, theaters, malls, churches, etc are SAFE.

The problem here is not misunderstanding, it is ignorance. People read a headline but don’t actually read the content of it. They immediately feel as though anyone who is for gun reform wants to seize their guns and take away their rights.

Let’s break that down: it would actually be impossible to seize every gun in this country. Taking away guns would only boost the black market, and hurt our economy and cause uproar. This would infringe upon your second amendment rights.

What we really want: stronger, more thorough background checks. Regulation of sales. We want to prevent the wrong people from getting guns. We want to make our country safer, and protect our children.

More children have died due to gun violence since the shooting in Sandy Hook than soldiers have died in combat since 9/11. Take a moment to think of the time difference in between the two: Sandy Hook shooting occurred in December of 2012, a short six years ago. 9/11, October of 2001, occurred 17 years ago. In a time period less than half the duration, we have lost more children than soldiers. More children have died in SCHOOLS than soldiers at COMBAT. Let that sink in.

Can guns protect us? Yes, when used by the right people. But the problem must be acknowledged: our gun laws are not strict enough to protect us. Having one or two armed guards in a school is not enough to protect thousands or even hundreds of students. Our laws are not realistic, and neither is the idea of arming our teachers, priests, pastors, etc.

I could ask you to think about how many more problems would be created by arming teachers, priests, pastors, etc. I could ask you to think about how much money would have to be spent to arm all of the people, to train them, insurance to further protect them, etc. I could also ask you to consider the importance of protecting the lives of our youth over your right to easily purchase the same/similar firearms to those used in war, but I won’t. I ask you to educate yourself on something before you speak. I ask you to know the simple definitions, and to think realistically. I ask that the next time you look at a child that you really look at them, at their innocence and will to live a full life, think of their parents and think of how many people would be effected by that child having their life taken from them in a place that should be safe for them, and continue to justify your anger associated with the changing of gun laws. There should be absolutely no comparison between anything when the life of a child is threatened at any moment.

Gun reform/control is striving to achieve ideas of a bigger picture. I have such admiration for the students effected by the Parkland shooting fighting to protect the lives of people just like them. Our youth is standing up against gun violence, and this is a beautiful movement.

So while we fight to allow you to keep your second amendment rights under the terms of better protection of our people (namely our youth) in mind, I ask you to consider our 14th amendment rights: "...nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property..." It is the job of our government to protect our lives just as much as it is their job to protect the rest of your rights under the constitution. If we are allowing for compromise, why can't you?

I hope you find some enlightenment in this article, that you can click out of this browser with a clear understanding of what gun reform really is, and consider it the next time you see an article of a child fighting to protect their life by demanding gun laws be changed.


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