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Stephen Pound MP Defends Ulez.

Khan's Ratings in Mayoral Poll Down.

By Nicholas BishopPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Labour MP: Stephen Pound.

Political commentator Emma Woolf has branded the London Mayor a "little dictator". In a scathing assessment of the mayor's reign. The London Mayor is struggling in the polls against Tory candidate Susan Hall. According to the pollster company JL Partners, there is a, 35% - 32%, difference between Khan and Hall. This will give Susan Hall hope of beating Khan. In a sense, Khan may have created his own downfall, but it was well intended.

Ulez or ultra-low emissions zones, was created by Khan, to reduce carbon emissions in London. Kahn said he had to act after seeing children in hospital suffering from the effects of pollution. I think Khan is correct to introduce these zones. And Khan, despite critics, has stuck to his gun over this. Some have blamed the Ulez scheme for Labour not winning Boris' old seat of Uxbridge.

Political commentator Emma Woolf said Khan is definitely struggling in the polls because of Ulez. Ulez affects ordinary people, who drive petrol and diesel cars when they come to London. The cost daily to ordinary people driving vehicles that pollute is 12.50 Pounds. People come to London for various reasons, to work, to shop, to sightsee, etc. If they are driving internal combustion engine vehicles not suitable for Khan's Ulez areas they will be charged. As Piers Morgan pointed out, he will not be charged because his Aston Martin is not a polluting vehicle. So, it falls, disproportionately on the poor who cannot afford environmentally suitable vehicles. Whether Khan realized this or not, is open to question. However, it makes sense, unfortunately, that those who cannot afford the above vehicles, will be charged. The other thing is, Khan wants folks, to take the tube or the bus.

Of course, London is not the only city or town to introduce low-emission zones. Manchester, under Mayor Andy Burnham, created such zones and there was controversy there. Other cities, like Birmingham, also have such zones.

Woolf continued "Many Londoners feel that his policies are mad, but he's also a little dictator". He makes decisions when he is not consulting people. Things like Ulez really damage people who work and need their cars. He has not thought it through about cars that are not allowed in the city and the cost of it all".

Labour MP, Stephen Pound, said Ulez had affected Londoners. Though, he thought, there had not been the backlash that was predicted. However, with that said, there has been a campaign of sabotage, against Ulez. So- called 'Blade Runners" (named after the Harrison Ford movie) have been breaking and smashing Ulez cameras. Of course, public vandalism is wrong, however, resistance was expected to Khan's Ulez policy. So, it has transpired in the acts of destruction to the Ulez CCTV cameras. Obviously, those doing the sabotaging will not be the likes of Piers Morgan and his fuel-efficient Aston Martin. It will be those, who cannot afford, the 12.50 Pound charge. Those who graft for a living, struggle to keep their banger on the road, struggle to pay their bills, struggle to put food on the table, etc.

Of course, many of these sabotagers will not be ignorant of pollution and climate change. By doing these acts of sabotage, they are merely saying, the Ulez policy does not take into account people on low incomes.

Susan Hall, the Tory candidate for mayor, has come under criticism herself. She is accused of supporting Katie Hopkins on Twitter when she said Sadiq Khan was "our nipple high mayor of Londonistan". She also came under scrutiny when she liked a picture of Enoch Powell. She also called TV star Gemma Collins, "a stupid fat blonde".

Hall said she was aware of her enemies' statements. She accepted it and if she offended anybody, she apologised.


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