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Solidarity Against White Supremacy 8/27/17

Support H.R. 3660–the No Federal Funding for Confederate Symbols Act.

By Myles D. GoethePublished 6 years ago 3 min read
Federal Plaza. Downtown Chicago. 2017.

I took a new friend to today’s demonstration at the Federal Plaza on Adams and Dearborn that consisted of an estimated 3 thousand plus citizens toward Trump Tower in Downtown Chicago. This protest was in response again to the Trump/Pence regime’s consistent indifference of not discrediting Neo-Nazi/Confederates for the violence in Charlottesville, while at the same time condemning counter-protesters as equally to blame for the bloodshed. Furthermore, the 45th president continues to show his incompetence and blatant disregard for Americans on a regular basis such as pardoning ex-sheriff Joe Arpaio, passing the ban on trans Americans in the Armed Forces and the delayed aid to the victims of the Hurricane Harvey disaster in Texas.

Aside from Chicago, numerous counter-protests have been popping up around the major cities of the United States in response to Alt-Right rallies organized by known white supremacy groups. The main drive for these surges in counter-protests such as the one today was to ensure what happened in Charlottesville, Virginia did not happen again to non-violent protesters such as Heather Heyer and others. As the speakers of the organizers kept reminding the public that they, in fact, had the advantage in this fight. When good people stand together, they outnumber the racists and the bigots, and that was precisely why more white supremacy groups were canceling their rallies as a result.

Speakers also spoke out condemning fascist sympathizer’s principle that hate speech was permissible because it is protected as “Free Speech.” Let it be made explicitly clear, as clear as the gun-toting, Home Depot torch wielding, and the vein curdling screams of the vicious bigots threatening to murder the innocent that hate speech is not free speech! The illogical belief that your way of life is at risk simply for co-existing with another people is foolish and is not a justification for a bloody genocide. You wouldn’t threaten a police officer, you wouldn’t threaten a judge, you wouldn’t threaten the President without there being consequences—so why is America allowing others to do it to people of color, immigrants, and the LGBTQ? Citizens must not become complacent, the pressure must remain until not just these extremists are disenfranchised, but until fascism in America is as good as dead.

One of the groups attending the march was known as the Chicago Area Peace Action. The speaker that represented Chicago Area Peace Action wanted to inform the public of a recent bill floating around Congress called the H.R. 3660. The bill is in need of funding and he urged the public to contact their state’s congressman to sway them into sponsoring this bill. The H.R. 3660 would defund and dismantle monuments of white supremacy sending a solid, clear sign that white supremacy has no place in this nation. For more information, you can visit CAPA’s website at, or contact the House of Representatives by dialing (202) 224-3121.

If you are curious of the other organizations that endorsed this protest, please check out the list below:


AFSCME Local 1989 @ NEIU

AFSCME Local 2858 @ Department of Human Services

Al-Nahda Cultural Center

American Assoc. of University Professors, University of Chicago

ANSWER Chicago

Arab Jewish Partnership for Peace & Justice in the Middle East

Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance of IL

Black Lives Matter Women of Faith Chicago

Black Youth Project 100

Chicago Alliance of Charter Teachers and Staff Local 4343

Chicago Area Peace Action

Chicago Campaign to Expose Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Chicago Islamic Center

Chicago Justice for Palestine

Chicago Teachers Union

Cook County College Teachers Union, Local 1600

Democratic Socialists of America

Fight for $15

Food and Water Watch

Friends Who March

Gay Liberation Network

Hispanic Action Coalition USA

Indivisible Chicago

Indivisible IL

Indivisible Oak Park

International Socialist Organization

Jewish Voice for Peace

Mom & Baby

Mujeres Latinas en Acción!

National Association of Letter Carriers Branch 825

National Nurses United

Northside Democracy for America

Palestinian American Congress

Party for Socialism and Liberation

The People's Lobby

Planned Parenthood IL

Protect Rogers Park

Reclaim Chicago

Refuse Fascism Chicago

Resist, Reimagine, Rebuild Chicago (R3)

SEIU Healthcare IL/IN/KS/MO

Smash White Supremacy Coalition

Socialist Alternative

Solidarity – Chicago

Tzedek Chicago

UIC Graduate Employees Organization Local 6297

Veterans for Peace

Westside Democracy for America

Women's March on Chicago

Workers World Party

The March toward Trump Tower. Chicago, IL. 2017.


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I'm an artist who paints, write, draws comics and make jokes at just how messed up things really are. I believe if you can face the horrible truth in life then you can find happiness much easier.

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