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SNP: Hype and Hypocrisy!

by Michael Blair 4 years ago in opinion

Don't panic!

Not good with figures? 

Another day, another ban, boycott or some other bit of bullshit is pumped out by the SNP administration in Hollyrood and its supporters country wide.

This is a political party obsessed with stopping people doing things, instead of encouraging them to better themselves.

Anything which looks like fun, will not be tolerated and probably banned and I'm fairly sure there is an office somewhere inside SNP headquarters, where a few earnest, grey, humourless folk plan the next round of misery for the downtrodden public.

The leadership team of this grim faced party never smile unless the dear leader "cracks a joke." This of course means smiles are rarer than a flying warthog. Ms Ironpants isn't known for her keen sense of humour.

The party always comes first. There is no tolerance of criticism of any kind by MSPs or party members! Dissent is met with instant confinement in the dungeon below Bute House, her official residence. There they will be subjected to an endless loop of the dear leader's past five conference speeches, not recommended listening, while dressed only in hairy tweed underpants.

One recent edict, was to have Scotland free from all combustion engined vehicles by 2030. Electric vehicles will make us feel superior to others. Superiority always makes the SNP administration feel warm and fuzzy.

Unfortunately, this aim of a country gliding along silently in our wee electric cars, is somewhat off target. The cash for grants to councils for public charging terminals has run out, so this kind of derails this noble cause. The other main problem is, where will the electricity needed to keep these guilt free vehicles charged, come from?

The UK as a whole has not got any spare electricity capacity, and hasn't done anything to get extra storage. So, will we in Scotland have to rely on unpredictable expensive wind turbines or equally expensive but slightly more reliable wave power? Or maybe we can dam every river and burn to make hydro power? I don't think this wouldn't be accepted by ecological groups or the wider public.

As much as I think electric power vehicles are a great idea, the possibility of getting rid of internal combustion engines completely in thirteen years is preposterous and basically a lie. A promise by a liar isn't going to be believed by anyone except the brainwashed and brainless halfwits who seem to make up a fair percentage of SNP followers.

I suppose we could revert to land yachts or roller skates using our old shirts for sails, but I don't think this will work in the insanity of the daily commute.

Public transport would also have to be converted to electric power. Can you imagine the size of the batteries in buses? There wouldn't be any room left for passengers. Taxis would spend more time charging than carrying people. This particular idea is best confined to the bin of optimistic failure.

Yet another example of making rash statements without thinking them through to their conclusion.

There is more need to make city traffic systems fit for purpose. In Edinburgh or Glasgow, one can often see up to six buses end to end, moving slowly, belching black clouds of noxious fumes, along a one-way street system. Surely there can be enough clever people working for local authorities to plan traffic routes which don't entail driving for fifteen minutes to a destination one street away.

If the plan is to make cities car unfriendly, why not ban any non electric vehicles entering city centres? That way we wouldn't be breathing in enough diesel fumed to stun a hippopotamus, every day of the week.

We often hear the cry, "But what about the children"? Well apparently large Scottish cities don't seem to give a flying fart about their children's health. They are even more vulnerable to diesel pollution than adults.

Banning smoking in cars with small children inside is very sensible but fairly pointless if the same children are breathing in huge amounts of carcinogenic vehicle fumes walking to school, amid the dozens of diesel engine buses ferrying other's to the same school!

This SNP administration is flailing around desperately for new gimmicks to deflect us from their terminal decline. But it is rotting from the top down. Nicola Sturgeon is uniquely unqualified for the leadership of this party and this country. She has become a laughing stock. And when that happens, the game is over.

No sense of self. No sense of humour. No sense at all.


Michael Blair

I'm a medically retired grumpy Scotsman with a good sense of the ridiculous. I write some political satire and some more serious pieces. I'm here to wake people up!

On twitter I'm @mmjblair and email me at [email protected]

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Michael Blair
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