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Sir Keir Shining Over Sunak.

Sir Keir's Vision For The UK.

By Nicholas BishopPublished 5 months ago 3 min read
Labour Leader: Sir Keir Starmer.

No doubt about it Rishi 'Wishy Washy' Sunak has an uphill struggle. To undo all the damage inflicted upon the Tories by failed policies. To undo all the damage done by Sunak's predecessors David Cameron, Theresa May, Boris Johnson, and Liz Truss.

Sunak has indeed been handed a poisoned chalice. The man himself lost out to Liz Truss in the leadership election. But he was brought back to be Prime Minister as Boris withdrew from the race to replace Liz Truss. Boris' second coming was postponed but he may try to become Tory leader again in the future. Penny Mordaunt didn't get enough internal votes in time so dropped out. She was given a job in Sunak's cabinet never the less.

As Sir Keir pointed out Sunak has never won anything. He lost out to Truss and is terrified to hold a general election lest he is booted out of office. The first Hindu Prime Minister has been foisted on us. Sunak said in his New Year speech he wanted to reconnect and win the trust of the British people. However, that might be impossible as Sunak is not liked by many in the Tory party. The public Tory or not seem to be fed up with a failing government.

Mr Sunak has all the failures of his predecessors on his shoulders. Failed promises and austerity hit the poorest worst. He could not have been Prime Minister at such a disastrous time for the UK. With the NHS breaking, the war in Ukraine, the spiralling cost of living, and strikes.

Sunak made 5 pledges in his new year speech. He admitted he would be judged on the results of those pledges. Two of his pledges were to help the NHS and stop the boats coming across the channel. Sunak has little time to make good on those pledges. A general election is looming and Sunak's polling is not good.

Sir Keir in his New Year speech by contrast offered a vision of change. Some have said Sir Keir's speech reminded them of Tony Blair's ideas. Sir Keir outlined that the UK was crying out for change. Sir Keir said he would outline more Labour ideas in the coming weeks. One flagship idea is to give local communities more power away from Westminister. To devolve more powers to the regions of England for example. So they can make local decisions for local people in those regions. In other words, a local person or group would understand their own area better than some bureaucrat in Westminister. And in theory, provide a solution locally to a local issue that people in London might not.

Sir Keir said speaking about devolving powers away from Westminister would really be 'taking back control'. The term would be a reality under Labour, not just a slogan as it was when the Tories used it. Labour is offering a fresh vision for the future of the UK.

Whereas the Tories and Sunak are just repeating the same meaningless spiel. 12 years of misery and corruption. This government needs to be put out of its misery. We need to turn the page on this chaotic chapter in British political history.

Since the fall of Johnson and all the fallout from that Sir Keir is the candidate of hope. If the polls are correct people are warming again to Labour. People are finally and hopefully willing to give Labour a chance once more. Labour and Sir Keir are in the ascendency. Let's hope this continues because we cannot allow the Tories back into power in 2024.






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I am a freelance writer currently writing for Blasting News and HubPages. I mainly write about politics. But have and will cover all subjects when the need arises.

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  • Carol Townend5 months ago

    I live in the U.K. and I'm a carer now too. My husband looked after a lot of different people, including some with higher status. He was a nurse for over 30 years, and under this government, he is struggling with housing and benefits. He gets peanuts now, and we can't get our council to move us to a more appropriate tenancy because our tenancy contract (even though we are secure) will change. They offered us an exchange, but the people who do that have a right to move back if they are unhappy, which my husband can't do. If the 'Right to buy' hadn't been imposed on our council homes, we wouldn't be struggling. Also, our u.k. government doesn't care about their people, and I won't ever vote tory.

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