Should We Boycott the NFL?

by James Howell 2 years ago in activism

Is there a good way to solve the issue at hand from home?

Should We Boycott the NFL?

I have heard a lot of talk about boycotting the NFL on both sides. Some want to boycott because of the way the players protest, and some want to boycott because the NFL and the NFLPA has not properly addressed it. There are even talks about keeping teams in the locker room until after the national anthem is over next year, to avoid controversy.

To me, kneeling or raising a fist, or refusing to go to the white house has nothing to do with the game itself. They are still performing their job duties, they are not being disruptive, so where is the problem? They are calling out injustices that they are passionate about. There are plenty of other issues the NFL could be focusing on, like concussions. There are other things that we should be looking at other than just these issues.

Now if you are on the side that’s boycotting because the issues haven’t properly been addressed, I understand. But think about this for a minute. When you boycott, you are taking away from the players who are being proactive in the cause as well. Nick Foles, the super bowl winning QB who was also MVP, wants to pastor in schools. Chris long has said he will not be attending the white house, because it goes against what he stands for.

You then have Malcolm Jenkins who has started the Malcom Jenkins foundation, to help and mentor inner city youth. He also started The Let’s Listen Together foundation, where he meets with the superintendent of police to discuss social injustices, and how to prevent the killings of unarmed Americans. This is just three players, and there are many more along with these guys and Kaepernick. I feel like we are taking away from what they are doing because of the negative things others do.

If you still want to boycott them, that’s your right. However I ask that you think about other options first. Why not buy a Malcom Jenkins or Nick Foles jersey instead? Bring these guys up to the spotlight when their merchandise sales go through the roof. Donate to their causes instead. Better yet, donate to their charities in Donald Trump’s name. Make him their leading donor.

The people that are boycotting because of the kneeling and fist raising are pretty much full of crap. These are the same people who are watching at a friend’s house to appear to not be watching it. They are sitting on the couch drinking a beer during the national anthem. They aren’t standing, they don’t have their right hand over their heart, and they don’t remove the cap of the team they are rooting for. I watched sports for years on television, and never seen one person stand for the national anthem in their home.

If you want to boycott something, I suggest NASCAR. How many African American drivers do you see on the track? While some of the driver’s do have worthwhile charities, how many have charities to help the inner cities and poverty stricken areas? How many have spoken out against racism and injustices? Let them know you want to see changes. Please understand that I am not against anyone boycotting the NFL if they choose, but go about it in the right ways as well.

These are just some ideas I have, and I’m sure everyone has their own. We can make a better world, we can keep fighting the good fight, and we just can’t let them divide us. We have to stand in solidarity for those who stand in solidarity to make changes and make the world a better place where everyone is given the same opportunities.

James Howell
James Howell
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