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Say His Name

by UNpretentious about a year ago in activism

To address the riots and protests in honor of George Floyd

High off of our pain that we continue to be belittled as if our lives don’t matter. To march for our lives to be visibly as equal as the lives of those whose skin looks just like yours. There are whites protesting with us peacefully as there are white people tagging buildings and looting, but some are not even doing it in the name of George Floyd. To walk among roads to shout an innocent mans life that was taken, because he was seen as a threat, feeling the need to silence us when we have been silent for too long. When we live in a world that is unjust and bite our tongues as if it is okay, as if it is safer to be quiet but we still can die by your hands even when we are quiet. To hear my brothers and sisters crying out in pain because, us turning our backs and walking away was not enough for you. To see the media focus our story on people that allow you to believe we are vicious animals needing to be tamed. To feel the need to put extra force on black people because the color of our skin alone is threatening to you even as we lie on our backs to be detained. To hear them cry out “ I can’t breathe” and not be showed mercy.

We are Fueled by our anger because we watch murders with the lack of melanin in there skin walk out in handcuffs to never have been put face down on a ground. We are fueled by anger to see that you treat anyone of color as if there lives are less than but you want to cry out, ALL LIVES MATTER! If that were true than please tell me why do our black lives NOT matter enough to you, that you feel the need to use force against a black man or woman that is using their voice as a weapon. Why do our lives have such little value to you, that us raising our fist against injustice is too much for you to bare. Why do black lives not matter to you in the same way that white lives do. That if a white person stands with us, to stand against this injustice, that their lives no longer matter as much to you. Black lives matter is a point to say that, white people standing in protest with guns instead of Pickett signs deserve to go home unscathed with their message heard and action being done, That their threat with weapons is not nearly as lethal as a black lives matter protestor standing up to wrong doings of so many people of color, that we need the hands of every one here to get you to understand, we are tired of losing our lives to the people who are meant to serve and protect us. To know that you are shooting to kill us instead of create an opening of immobility to keep us from harming you. Your lives are not the ones at risk, and now that you feel like a few cars or stores is worth more fire to be fueled and brutal force to be put on us as if we haven’t already gone through it. Turning our backs to you and you still shoot as we run away, as we lay down to submit, as we call you out for the pigs that you are. Everyone is yelling fuck the police because it’s not just one cop out here killing black people, but the more that do, they get pats on the back and paid leave or arrested and put in the most safe conditions possible. People are worried about their families and are told to pray for these officers who are taking lives unjustly. But what about our prayer for true equality, beyond the point of our lives should not be taken from us, our lives should not be 10x harder than a white persons just because of the color of our skin. But that’s still soon of a conversation for us to have when you can’t even put us in handcuffs without reaching for a gun. Blaming us for your crime of murder, your sense of power has put you at a point where you can only show your fear of how powerful we could actually be that you have to bring 6 cop cars and it takes three officers to put one man down. Black lives matter and that’s not just to the people standing up and protesting, that’s all the people high on the pain of unnecessary deaths that has us all at an emotion of numbness, the feeling of every part of our fiber cringing at the sound of a siren, we are not at the same place that you are because we are walking targets everyday, that we live to be black and proud. Black lives matter and to the people who couldn’t march because of their fear of being killed, injured or arrested for standing up to their right of equality, your anger is heard, your frustration is felt, your voices matter. And everyone of us are standing here fighting for you! We are fueled by the anger of enough is enough, and there is no other option but for you to hear our cry. Because working together praying together and going to school together will never be enough, if you can not see me through the same lenses that you see white people. Shooting up schools movie theaters and bombing church’s, those people living through trials to determine their justice and being cleared due to insanity, will never be the same as you gunning down a black man or woman before you even put them in cuffs, using brute force so that they never see the light of day. Minimizing our lives and our worth is what has to change. A few looters and thrives of all race will never be able to bury that message, will never be able to minimize the toll this country has taken on us, those actions will not be enough for you to say it’s okay for you to shut me down when exhibiting the first amendment, my right of speech, my right to tell you your being unjust. My right to say I see that if you are not for all people, the black people, that you do not deserve to be serving because you can’t protect anyone if all you see is the color of my skin as a weapon.

No justice

No peace

Say his name!



A born to be introvert. I am empathetic and sympathetic to others because, I either know how it feels or couldn’t imagine how it feels, to be in their shoes. I’m a dreamer but my goal is to be able to help others and bring my dreams to life

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