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Satanic Obsession in the Media: What Has The World Come To?

Have we finally reached the End of Days?

By Inky Rose Published 6 months ago 5 min read

Hi there everybody! Can I ask you a question? Do you think that people should be advocating and glorifying Satan in the media? You know Satan right? The embodiment of evil who seduces humans into sin? The ruler of Hell?

Yeah him…

I have noticed recently that people as a whole have had more of a 'fascination' (if you will) towards Satanic and devilish items and branding them onto products like the one shown in the thumbnail image. I remember hearing about it in the news and I thought this was more than a little morbid. Especially when I read that the shoes have actual human blood in them! What is the target audience?

Who is going to look at these shoes and say: 'I must buy them.'

This isn't the only instance of this type of 'representation.' You know that song that has been circulating around social media by Sam Smith? The one that discusses adultery… (Doing something unholy...)

The GRAMMY performance to that song was quite literally a tribute to Satan. From everyone being decked out in red horns, to singing in cages and dancing in fire. It was 'interesting' to watch, and the fact that this is being allowed was also quite unnerving.

The GRAMMYs began as a fun time, and then turned into a Satan worshipping circus.

Below is the video (Wash your eyeballs after watching):

Now why would anyone do this? The reason is as simple as publicity.

'All publicity is good publicity.' It doesn't matter if it's being talked about in a good or bad way, all that matters is that it is indeed being talked about. Controversy feeds their egos. another instance of this is another controversy involving Lil Nas X. Two years ago he released a music video for his song Montero (Call me by your name.)

That music video involved themes that would make people reach for the Bible. During my research for this article, I found out about this music video, which was a whole other rabbit hole in itself. It was very uncomfortable to watch. It was quite sexual, and the theme revolved around demonic depictions. There are scenes of intense sensuality between a serpent, and even the Devil himself.

The singer explained that he was expressing how religious people told him he would go to Hell because of his orientation. I don't condone people dictating other people's lives, they deserve that freedom, but this is a tad extreme. Who's to say that somebody's child won't be exposed to this music video? It's not just about the Satanic depictions in this context, it's also about the hyper sexualization in it. Like I said before, children can be easily exposed to this nonsense. When did it come to a point in which children aren't kept innocent?

Sometimes the demonic references aren't as 'in your face.' Like the AXE deodorant G.O.A.T campaign. (I am familiar with the abbreviation G.O.A.T)

I wasn't the only one who noticed, the comments to the deodorant ad were going crazy. There were people also trying to 'denounce' what the religious folks were saying. They said things like 'Satan isn't real' or 'religion is fake.' etc. People are entitled to believe whatever they want to, but just know that evil is real. The existence of deities and demons is widely debated, but that doesn't mean evil doesn't exist. Evil comes in all forms, shapes and sizes. It might not be in the form of a little red man with horns or a goat man, but it is there.

I am a religious person (Catholic) and I believe in God and the existence of the Devil. These advertisements and the media's 'openness' to unholy and demonic depictions just prove that we are living in the end of days, and that the Devil is gaining a hold on people.

I can accept that not everybody believes the same things I do, however, I am going to express my opinion on this because I have noticed that the acceptance and display for devilish and Satan-related content is becoming more prominent in these openminded and accepting times. (The perfect opportunity to showcase evil freely.)

In these times, some people think in an 'if you are not with me, you're against me' manner. If you express your opinion on some topics, you are met with backlash. For example, if you aren't supportive of LGBTQ+ beliefs, you're homophobic. If you aren't supportive of something, you have to shut your mouth. This goes for these campaigns as well. If somebody expresses a dislike towards it, they'll be shut down. So ideally, nobody can say something about these references or else they'll face similar persecution.

I'm not afraid to express my disdain for these Satanic portrayals. The world is evil, and it has come to a point where references to the Devil is open for all eyes to see.

I guess there isn't really much of a conclusion, since I explained everything else practically. All I have to say is to pay more attention to the things you see on TV, what you notice may surprise you, and don't give into these attempts to shove symbols of evil in your face.

I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope you learned something here.

Thank you for reading everyone and have a good day🏙️/night🌃!

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(Stay tuned for the sources and further reading.)

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