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Rush Limbaugh is a Liberal

...and I can prove it mathematically.

By Mickey FinnPublished 7 years ago 11 min read

When you here the terms “Liberal” and “Conservative” you attach good and bad connotations to them. That’s partly because the root word of “liberal” is “liberty” so it gets associated with freedom and permissive policies. “Conservative” gets associated with our grandparents and seems confining. The majority of our current perspective on these two factions is based in a massive public relations campaign that has been going on since the sixties, though. The truth is that one’s opinions on gay marriage and social justice have nothing to do with their position on this spectrum. Liberalism is the belief that the Constitution can be interpreted liberally to grant the Federal Government more power than is specifically mentioned in the Constitution. Conservatives believe that the Constitution is a living document and is not subject to interpretation, and least of all by the government it was written to limit. Now, if the Constitution is our recipe for freedom and a “more perfect union,” then how is interpreting it liberally related to freedom?

It’s only in our heads that this happens, because Liberals do not apply the limits of the Constitution to their arguments. Their arguments come from a place of emotion and the thought that “someone should do something” to make the world equitable and fair. Well, someone did. Many someone’s like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Prince Estabrook fought to free us from a country that interpreted it’s Constitution and Bill of Rights “liberally.” This is what people fail to realize about the American Revolution is that, with the exception of the right to bear arms, the rights included in our nation’s founding were the same principles on which the British Constitution, written after the Glorious Revolution, was founded. The problem was that Great Britain had tons of surface area. The phrase “The sun never sets on the British Empire” was not a clever marketing move. From Japan to Boston, the British had subjects and satrapies around the world. It made their Constitution hard to apply, because, obviously, India and Great Britain itself have different problems, strengths and cultures.

So, the American colonists got left out in the cold, but they had one strength that the other British colonies didn’t have: We were made up of lower class, literate European settlers. We had an understanding that we had rights that were being ignored and violated by the British Crown to further the interests of the Government over that of the people. Even as a Constitutional Monarchy, Britain has never been able to put its citizens before the government. The Founding Fathers concluded that the problem was that we needed to be sure to have checks and balances in our government, so that the People always have an option to appeal. If Congress passed an unconstitutional law, the Supreme Court can strike it down. If the President is leaning toward dictatorial behavior, Congress can impeach him.

Every part of the Constitution was written to limit the Government, never the people. The first 52 words specifically say that there are six guidelines that must guide any law Congress wants to pass. In other words, the law has to serve a specific purpose for the people themselves or it is, by definition unconstitutional. Moreover, any power not given to the government specifically in the Constitution is reserved for the States and the People. This point has been the cause of much of our sorrow today: That the structure of the Constitution specifically says that the Government cannot make blanket policy for the entire country. Liberals say that this is a bad thing, because that means that the Government can’t make homophobes get along with the LGBT community. The Conservative viewpoint has nothing to do with the morality of being gay, or straight, because the Government, in their opinion, is not allowed to make moral judgements.

Of course, that’s never the argument that Liberals respond to. Instead they say that Conservatives are “Anti-Gay” and “Religious Fanatics,” while ignoring that they were trying to illegally force the government to pass blanket law. No matter how well intended, forcing your population to accept something is the definition of an Autocracy. Liberals say that we must force people to do what is right, however morality is subjective. As a nation, we don’t hold the same values that we did fifty years ago. That is because the points-of-view that work against our collective interests die natural deaths. No one forced this change, people simply looked around and saw what was working and what wasn’t and discarded the old useless thinking. In short, the idea of separate States (read: Nations) was the answer to exactly that problem. If you are a gay man who wants to be married in Wisconsin and they don’t allow gay marriage? Move to California where they do allow it. Let Wisconsin’s homophobic culture work things out for themselves with patience and communication. Trying to force large groups of people to accept blanket policies is exactly what leads to civil wars.

Take California’s Proposition 8 from a few years ago. Prop 8 was a measure to define marriage as a union between a man and a woman. The measure passed, and Liberals lost their minds. They rioted and demanded repeal. When the case landed in front of the United State’s Supreme Court, there were a lot of issues to settle. Firstly, yes, California can define marriage that way without infringing on anyone’s rights. How? Because they can move to a State that defines marriage differently. This is the conclusion that the Supreme Court reached, and they were partly right. However, they did hand down a ruling, upholding the Proposition as Constitutional, which was beyond their purview. What they should have done was hand the case back to the Supreme Court of the State of California, because marriage is a State issue. Where do you go to get a marriage license? The State Courthouse. There is no Federal Marriage License, so why do liberals keep appealing to the Federal Supreme Court?

The short answer is because they know that people feel strongly about the perception of justice and equality in the country. If they appeal, knowing that their argument is Unconstitutional, then the case can be made to change the Constitution so that they can have more authority to do what they think is correct for the country. Bear in mind, I do not believe that the “Liberal Agenda” is the destruction of America or anything crazy like that. I believe that they want the power to do good, however, that is how every single autocratic state began. Fidel Castro didn’t come to power for power’s sake. He revolted against a ruler who was ignoring the needs of his people for his own gains. However, without a Bill of Rights, Castro became far worse than any Cuban leader that came before him. He executed anyone who disagreed with him, and some people that never met him. In other words, we should always be wary of the power we give the Government, no matter the reason.

So, the following year, the Proposition was back on the ballot and the other Liberals, lost their minds when it was soundly defeated. Wait, “Other liberals”? Yes, what have I been saying this whole time? Republicans are not Conservatives. They are the other Liberal party! Rush Limbaugh tells you he is Conservative, but he has expressed anti-Constitutional opinions many times, because of how he felt about the issues. Wanting to interpret the Constitution liberally makes you a Liberal, not your opinion on the issue at hand. So while the two liberal parties slugged it out, the Conservatives minded their own business, because it was never a Federal issue. I can tell you, most Conservatives are for gay marriage.

A Conservative is someone who believes that the Constitution is a living document. This means that it is not subject to interpretation and that its sole purpose was to be flexible enough to answer any issue that might arise for us as a nation. The good news is… it does! If you don’t like how something is going, your first thought should not be that the entire country has to change to suit you. I will support the LGBT community all day every day, however they are less than 10% of the population and they should not be making blanket policy for the rest of us. Who gives a shit about which bathroom Transsexual people use? I guarantee you, you have peed next to a trans person and it never even occurred to you until the fiasco in North Carolina last year. That’s a perfect example of a "Liberal in Conservative clothing", right there. Republicans tried to limit a personal freedom based on their opinion.

So, Liberals and Conservatives today are not really operating under the definition of those terms anymore. Most “Conservatives” have no idea what the moniker means, and regularly wander into their own “liberal” interpretations of how government works. It’s not at all a one-sided issue these days, but that’s primarily because most Americans don’t use the terms correctly. The reason that I focused on the Liberal side so much is that many of my generation are signing up as "liberals" and running with the party without any clue what the meaning of the movement is. While Conservatives wander out of the limits of the Constitution, Liberals pretty much camp out there. They submit a bill that is woe-fully unconstitutional on behalf of the oppressed. When it gets knocked down as illegal, they shout and rage that the system is rigged against that oppressed group of people and move to change the shape of the government to suit their desires.

This is the very definition of an elitist ruling party: A minority that controls and dictates aspects of governing an entire State. It doesn’t matter who the group is, or why they want to do it. It is illegal, and it is that way for a reason. A government that can enforce gay marriage in every state could also make homosexuality a crime in every state. As a conservative, I do not want the government to have the authority to dictate my life or anyone else’s. This is why we have to tolerate homophobic trash like Westborough Baptists or listen to the Anti-Vaxxer arguments. Those people have as much right to have their opinions and express them as the rest of us, and that is the hardest, but most essential, aspect of freedom. This does not make their voice a credible one, but we know that the only way to change their thinking is over time. Hell, the last people to secede from the Union still think they were right! We destroyed them, killed over 1,200,000 Americans and when the smoke settled, there was old Jim-Bob waiving his Confederate Flag shouting “The South is Gonna Rise Again!” It is impossible to kill the common sense into people.

So, we know without a doubt that there is no way to force people into thinking the same way. That isn’t how a culture is built. For all of their flaws and disgusting compromises (i.e. slavery) the one shining thing about the Founders was their foresight. The Constitution is exactly the right document for a “more perfect Union” because it doesn’t bind that union too closely. They knew that times and feelings would change, so they made sure that the Government has a minimalist structure so that it can adapt and provide choices for those it represents. That is what marks the loss of liberty: The loss of choice or opportunity. This is exactly what Liberals inadvertently work towards with their notion of “Social Justice”. They are trying to take away the choices and voices of those that they don’t agree with and this is the first step in creating a Dictatorship. Everyone, from the Nazis to the French Revolution started out by “working for the victims” and ended up killing millions who disagreed with them or that they found they could readily blame for the rest of the Nation’s problems.

This is why it is important to understand the terms we are using and the core values of the other side. Yes, many Republicans are religious and base their opinions on their religious values. That is not a Conservative simply because the Republicans are the more conservative party. The only true Conservative parties left are the Libertarians and the TEA party. Both of which the Democrats and Republicans want to paint as crack-pots, because they both know that their parties are now Liberal. They interpret the constitution however it suits their power-play, much like President Obama did with the Affordable Care Act. Among other things, it violated States Rights in a way not seen since 1863… which was not a good year for American politics. The inflammatory response of Republicans and Democrats every time someone brings up the Constitution should tell you everything that you need to know. No one fights desperately when they are on top, except when they know they cheated to get there. Both Liberal parties work tirelessly to make Conservatives seem like whack-jobs so that they can continue to mislead the American people and gather power for their own party. It’s time we all stopped linking “Conservative” with the likes of Rush Limbaugh, who is, in fact, a Liberal. Embrace it as a way for us to preserve everyone’s liberties by keeping the options open to all of us, whacko and nutjob alike, in order that these United States shall not perish from this Earth.

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