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Rebuild The beautiful city of Detroit Expose The Potential In Poverty

by David Combs 12 months ago in humanity

a way to stop the opression and allow the people who lives in opression and poverty not only the city of detroit but main focus point right now. Time for the renaissance city to have a rebirth

The motor city The renaissance city Home of the Detroit Pistons arguably one of the best rappers to ever live Marshall Mathers. Yes, all these great things in this city where ford brought on 90,000 workers at one point now are known for major oppressions high crime rates. I hate seeing how bad it is although I never have been there I might just have a great idea to make an example for the rest of the country no matter the situation someone in the United States Of America was willing to help give the right resources. The right type of resources to help them go and lead where they wanna be.

We are not here to discuss the past any longer but we have to use it as motivation. With how many vacant homes, vacant lots, and buildings there are there in Detroit there is so much opportunity in the palm of our hands that we don't use. Currently, we could start a project where it starts with life coaches, now of course not everyone takes the help that is offered to them but we keep digging. Go straight in poverty neighborhoods or just anyone in general but right now we're discussing the potential in poverty that gets overlooked and goes to waste every day. If some of these kids and grown adults were just provided with the right opportunities right there in front of them instead of an opportunity to steal or sell illegal substances we could find that 2nd Einstein, Steve Jobs, or even JFK. instead of an easy way out we offer hope, a life coach training maybe teach them HOW TO REBUILD VACANT HOMES, the write piano lesson an internship, etc.

Understand that a lot of these citizens in Detroit grow up at young ages with looking out there window seeing crime ways to make money that puts them at risk at jail death being robbed then stops glaring out the window see's there mother struggling or foster parent not as often a father yet the child still not old enough for the job but wants to help and gets dragged in the cycle. It all started from wanting to just help the mother, legal guardian, out with bills and take some of their stress off their shoulders. Preventing another citizen from reaching he's potentially more than just being a thug but that's all he has seen good chance that's all there guardian thought sometimes they even teach the kids how to do it right because of 2 possible reasons one guardian knows he's stuck and rather he do it safely under there guidance which is horrible conditions they settled with or two there being not the greatest role model that kid needs.

That's where the life Coaches and this plan comes in. Coach the ones who take the help like Goldman training rocky Ivan Drago. Now, this is redemption our redemption for the government looking down on them and them looking down on them its redemption for every person who has fought and died did there best to make America a safer place when all we had to do was communicate and respect one another on a big scale.

The life coaches are gonna have switch-offs with places like temp agencies and trainers to help them become who there wanna be it will take some time years and maybe even decades. These coaches and trainers are gonna have to be taken for granted yet be consistent with energy be the most uplifting humans ever were going to have to take time picking the right coaches the right trainers in almost every type of field or teach them about so many different fields where they have good knowledge in what it takes to get them successful in that field. Trainers and Coaches ain't doing it all for them just simply get them the right opportunities to were there ready mentally. The Coaches and trainers are going to have to help them to a good 25 35 percent yet the system that is built always has a door open there always going to be people who will take advantage of this in a bad way think they will slide there a way to 100 percent we got to cut that outlet them there are kids and other citizens who take it seriously but still keep that door open shutting these beautiful humans out is a cause of the problem.

Where are we going to get the money for this? That's the thing we already have it we just have to make sure that our elected officials are doing their job and at least consider and discuss it that's what they are there for to work for us. so many sources of money we could take out of one thing put into this idea without a bite even being taken out in their original investment. I'm going to start putting a petition together get some legal counsel online and in my state just wanted to discuss it with the world first get feedback we have to communicate as citizen especially in times like this we all need each other more than ever and I believe Detroit is the best place to do so rebuild homes empty buildings we could fix and use it as the grounds for this better system were creating at the biggest scale ever seen and state of Michigan as a whole we all know what flint has gone threw WE ALL NEED EACH OTHER MORE THEN EVER.

we have empty homes, people with empty souls, and better ways we could spend some money, let people know there's another way out and we're here. You don't have to settle for less because of the situation your in. show them how to rebuild a disconnected community to what it once was the city of opportunities. this is not a belief just an idea now I know this type of thing might already be in the works all over America but I want to see it on a way bigger scale we all know a child raised in a violent home has more of a chance to end up violent but a child raised in a home with hope continues the cycle and gives it off as he grows... LOVE AND COMMUNICATE


David Combs

Since I was a child my older cousins rapped freestyle rap as well.

I always wrote down what just rapped and never rapped with a beat playing always wrote complex rhymes always felt like w as putting my talent in the wrong place now im


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David Combs
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