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Dear Donald Trump

by David Combs about a year ago in trump
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My Advice To You

Dear Donald

From the beginning, you were not the right symbol The United States Of America needed at the time. 2014 Michael brown's Death did sweep the nation. Along with Eric Garner, Marquise Jones, Tamir Rice, and many many more.

not only at the time, but The United States Of America was also dealing with police brutality issues. 2015 was also considered "the year of the mass shootings". let's just state that the statistics were so high that we can say it was close to the 9/11 death toll. So with America Getting Fed up with police brutality, poverty, and children not being safe at school we get you coming into the picture. Blabbering all about how we need a wall between the U.S.A. Mexico, and all of southern America? When there is a much better way to go about it, you know Stopping the Muslims from entering the country. COMPLETELY ADDRESSING PROBLEMS that were not America's main issues. A time when we needed communication between the Police with the poverty neighborhoods, between government officials, and minorities. Addressing mental illness, Bullying in schools why did someone think it was okay to shoot up the school? The Brutality with police officers why do police offers get on such a power trip and think what they do is ok? why do people in poverty or who have grown up in poverty think it ok to rob and steal? are all these survival instincts? Why is no one communicating and understanding each other? Noooo Donald Trump wondering why there is not a wall and how come Muslims still live here? Donald, everyone got ideas does not mean they're good, every president has once singed an executive you might be a businessman but not a politician.

I know some children that can sign a piece of paper pretty well,

and when they are at school or doing the chores they never post on social media if they had work got it done, if they have seen something was dirty they picked it up they didn't try to put that mess off and put all there time on putting a wall up between them and their teacher, because they know they can learn a lot from them and help there day out if they just simply accept them and listen to them.

Now I'm not sorry for pointing out all the negatives Donald. One positive thing I can say is that you are the perfect of the American dream. that you can come here and do anything you want as long if you work hard for it... no actually I’m completely off your father gave you a small loan of a million dollars People like Denzel Washington are an example of the American dream, will smith, Jermaine Cole, Conor Mcgregor MY GRANDFATHER who came home from the Vietnam war worked hard as a bricklayer for 30 plus years built his own house let his elderly mother stick the shovel in the ground to dig the first hole to building his house build a family there let his grandchildren grow up there let their children stay there in a brick house he built.

so again Donald Trump you think you have lived the American dream. You don't even know what that is like. Your father gave you a million fish my grandfather gave us 1 fishing pole sure. you throw your fish in water, they reproduce last forever but until you know what it is like to wait patiently stay patient, when you snag that fish start to learn how to eat a meal you got on your own you will never know what being an American is like. It's not like it is your fault, your father gave you that loan almost everybody would have taken that.Your father should have given you a fishing pole instead of a whole fish. So if you read this donate burn every dollar you got don't donate it to a company throw it all around your neighborhood leave enough to get a fishing pole and start from there while you still got time to reinvent yourself do something you know nothing about to make yourself seem like a good man you should know something about that...

Sincerely A great law Abiding citizen David Combs!

P.S. "Stop with all the ego it is ugly my ex said she would rather be with Kim Jung-un"- what my girl told me to say just repeating what she said

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David Combs

Since I was a child my older cousins rapped freestyle rap as well.

I always wrote down what just rapped and never rapped with a beat playing always wrote complex rhymes always felt like w as putting my talent in the wrong place now im


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