Reason First: The Fraudulent Doctor

by SKYLERIZED 8 months ago in opinion

Should government remain in healthcare?

Reason First: The Fraudulent Doctor

Let the sentencing of a Delaware doctor be a reminder of how government should not be involved in medicine. Wilmington Dr. Karl McIntosh pleaded guilty to third-degree perjury and falsification of business records in 2017, according to Delaware Online. As a result, a Superior Court judge handed down a ruling of two years probation. But this psychiatrist may not have been a fraudster if the State had no role in healthcare. A dysfunctional and vicious code where the government imposes itself on the private sector leads men and women to commit these crimes.

Of course, there will be healthcare professionals who will never commit the crimes of Dr. McIntosh. However, the presence of government in medicine tempts medical heads to test the waters and see if they can get away with ugly acts. It certainly happened with McIntosh. The judge also ordered that McIntosh be tested for mental issues substance use. Why? It’s clear that not all people with mental health concerns feel the need to cheat the system. And those who struggle with substances, they don’t always seek to disrupt the business of medicine.

It serves this psychiatrist right to receive punishment, but it should’ve been more severe. He should have been stripped of his status as a doctor, be forced to pay damages to his victims, and even be sent to prison. With the government in bed with private healthcare, monsters like McIntosh will only continue to crop up in the industry.

Because it should not be involved in the private sector at all and medicine especially, the way that the federal, state, and city deal with patients is distorted and corrupted. If McIntosh is just one of the many doctors who continue to practice and commit crimes that have not been discovered, it means that the elimination of bureaucrats and politicians deciding what kind of care should be administered to patients.

Dr. McIntosh just represents an entire legion of fraudsters who feel a comfort in knowing that they can attempt to take advantage of the system and not get caught. Well, he got caught. The millions of medical care providers that do the right thing despite the irrational state of affairs that haunt the profession like a zombie craving the brains of the official, virtuous doctors and other medical professionals.

So, what are the solutions to prevent more McIntoshs? Let’s get every medical program proposed and implemented by the left and the right in government. From neurosurgeons, nurses, to executive directors, they ought to be unfettered by the hold of government. The feeling to commit crimes would be eliminated altogether. But because the State continues to dabble in a sector in which it ought to have no business, such issues will continue. To stop that, government should remove itself from the entire framework of medicine (amongst other facets of the economy). Over the years, the government should gradually disintegrate its role within health care. That means no Medicaid, Medicare Obamacare or any other noxious programs. Now, there will always be McIntoshs as a result of unreason. But in reality, if the government were to step aside, then there would be no more like this terrible doctor.

For the future, it would mean that with the freedom for medicine to be able to administer and treat patients with the possibility of extending life expectancy and quality of life. Liars like McIntosh would be nil if the idea of a truly liberated health care system took hold. His whole dishonesty would be a relic of the past for him and those of his ilk. The irrationality that is involved in the way that these horrific providers hold onto is the fact that they acted out of emotion. With reason, all good medical professionals have the opportunity to be honest and truthful, even with the government still on their backs.

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