Dear Donald
Dear Donald

Reason First: Does Nicki Minaj Know More About Individual Rights Than President Trump?

by SKYLERIZED 12 months ago in celebrities

Who has more knowledge about individualism: the president or the pop star?

Reason First: Does Nicki Minaj  Know More About Individual Rights Than President Trump?

If only the Human Rights Foundation could change its name to the Individual Rights Foundation. While it is redundant to say “individual rights,” in today’s climate, it is necessary to reinforce the rights of the individual human being. And that’s what rapper Nicki Minaj has grasped. It’s too bad President Trump has failed to do this. As Minaj has canceled a show in a Saudi Arabia music festival after learning about how women, the LGBTQ community, and everyone else must endure oppression through the ill recognition of freedom of speech in that monarchy. The president should really be held accountable.

Trump’s stern talk about Iran is warranted, but his “buddy buddy” disposition toward Saudi Arabia must stop. If a rapper and pop star can see that it is morally wrong to perform for a regime that is antithetical to individuals, surely the president of the United States of America should be able to see that Iran aims to stab America in the chest, but Saudi Arabia plans to be a backstabber.

When Trump danced with the Saudis, he was dancing with death. Clueless, Trump doesn’t understand Saudi Arabia’s existential threat to the United States and its allies. With it being one of the hornet’s nests for sponsoring terror across the globe, Saudi Arabia is no friend. Nicki Minaj saw the idea of rights being disrespected and pulled herself out of the festival lineup. The same can’t be said for Mr. Trump. He continues to hold Saudi Arabia in esteem despite the nation’s vicious history against its own people and other countries throughout the world.

Individual rights are the cornerstone to any constitutional republic like America. Without those liberties of thought and motion, there is no place for a country to be moral. The United States was founded on the principle that one’s life doesn’t belong to a king, tribe, witch doctor, or anyone else. Slavery became part of the American legacy despite, not because of, this principle.

The American Civil War allowed the free market-driven North to squash the rights-starved South. As time has gone on, blacks, women, gays and lesbians, and others have not been granted black, women, or gay and lesbian rights, but individual rights.

Minaj’s response to the information put out by the Human Rights Foundation shows a woman of integrity. She valued the idea of freedom over exposure and a hefty check. This by no means was a sacrifice on her part. She wished to see that Saudi Arabia relax its stringent laws on the Saudis. Donald Trump sees things pragmatically, and like the dullard that he is. He feels that with ties to Saudi Arabia, he can coast right into his second term based on the “support” that Saudi Arabia has shown the US. Trump is choosing not to see the beheadings, stonings, and oppression of people to speak their minds about whatever they wish.

Minaj’s stock may have gone down with competition from Cardi B. and Megan Thee Stallion, but her self-worth is still soaring. Her understanding that women especially receive horrific treatment if they violate the laws dictated by the “morality police.” Could one imagine Nicki Minaj in a veil or a burka? Salute to her for realizing that individual rights must be respected worldwide. Without which no government can be honored. Her choice came to her because she noticed that women can be beaten or lashed to death for just the smallest infraction. Individual rights need to be instituted in Saudi Arabia. And if a popular recording artist can see the ugliness of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Donald Trump should be able to understand that, too.

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