Reason First: Delaware Woman Steals from Thieves

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A Smyrniot faces prison time for her role in steal six figures in Social Security benefits.

Reason First: Delaware Woman Steals from Thieves

The idea of a government program run amok and the nefarious characters it engenders lies squarely with the Social Security Administration. Deborah Vaughn, from Smyrna, Delaware, defrauded the United States Government in the total of at least $200,000 after she failed to report the passing of her mother-in-law and collected the monthly deposits. According to Delaware Online, Vaughn received a sentence of a year and a half in prison. And for what? Did she figure that she wouldn’t get caught? The Social Security Administration can make monsters like Vaughn. But the whole program can be undone.

For those individuals who receive SSA now and have not committed themselves to fraud like Vaughn, they should enjoy their benefits. A generation that came after these people should receive a fraction of the perks. And finally, the generation after Millennials shouldn’t receive a dime from SSA. It is not just to deter the Deborah Vaughns of the world (although that is part of it) it is to show how the United States federal government is committing theft in the first place by sucking funds from the people that work in this country. Among all of the programs that the government should not be involved in, SSA is maybe the most sinister. It punishes producers by constructing a Ponzi Scheme that promises to give back the money that the government stole but always comes up short.

It is evil for the SSA to seize dollars that rightfully belong to working Americans. For those with an illness or disease who collect checks from SSA, they ought to be reminded that without federal, state, and city income taxes, pointless and wicked organizations like Medicare and Medicaid, the Food and Drug Administration and the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency (amongst a host of other inane administrations) Americans would have more money in their accounts. They would be enabled to find that dream home, drive that fantasy car, or invest their funds in businesses or donate to charities. What the government ought to do is stay out of the business of business and focus on safeguarding American citizens.

Law enforcement is in the right for taking down Vaughn. Consider the alternative: she is honest and tells the authorities at the SSA that her kin had passed away. She refuses to accept any of the monies involved with her dead mother-in-law. She wouldn’t be looking down an 18 month sentence. Most Americans remain honest about their benefits. They seek only to claim what little crumbs of the pie that they made before they encountered an illness or injury or reached the age of 65. The question looms ever more in the minds of Americans: is SSA worth it? Shouldn't there be a moratorium on the advocacy of this destructive arm of the government? The people who have earned their keep rarely have the opportunity to say that they get the money but are against the program as a whole. Why? It is because it is a corrupt institution that does not do the sole function of the government: protect individual rights.

Instead, the SSA is like an out of whack vacuum cleaner that sucks too much while barely picking up the dirt. It finds criminals like Vaughn, and rightfully so. But the Administration should be eliminated altogether due to its vicious premise. For those who feel that it is a hypocrisy to take in the cash that was wrongfully nabbed from them, they are sorely mistaken. In fact, it is the victims of the SSA that deserve the dollars. It is in the hands of the generations to come to fight against an overbearing government and institute a laissez-faire system of capitalism. Let's start today.

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