Reason First: Can One Billion Dollars Really Help Build the Wall?

by SKYLERIZED 6 months ago in opinion

With the Pentagon's assistance, President Trump's vision for a border wall becomes clearer.

Reason First: Can One Billion Dollars Really Help Build the Wall?

A border to keep people out of the United States makes as much sense as one keeping citizens within the country. The Pentagon’s decision to transfer one billion dollars to construct over 50 miles of fencing is another ugly action perpetrated by government. For people who are desperate, they’re going to find a way to circumvent the border barrier.

President Trump can have his wall built all that he wants to, it still will not change reality. And for the Department of Defense (DoD) to offer these funds, it only shows the influence of the university professors who have instructed the generals and other staff. Their altruism does not stem from the military but from the courses that these leaders of the armed forces studied. All of this is about emotion and xenophobia.

The only reason why the wall is being constructed is because of a distaste for the outsider. Reports have shown that the Pentagon can lawfully build fences to prevent drug trafficking. This is absurd on its face. There are myriad ways that drug smugglers can (and will) find to ensure that narcotics reach the US.

Instead of doing the proper thing like legalizing all drugs and abolishing the Federal Drug Administration and the Drug Enforcement Administration, these bureaucrats seek to limit the freedoms of adult Americans and deny the access of individuals seeking better lives.

That is much needed in this climate of sacrifice, altruism, and selflessness, and most of all, unreason. This is the unthinking mind that goes by “gut” instead of thought. And it’s not just the Republicans. The Democratic party is full of numbskulls as much as the Republican front. They don’t wave the banner for freedom and liberty. They still wish to hold onto the idea that not having a wall will provide money for social programs and welfare.

Both the left and the the right agree on one thing: collectivism. They feel that they’re aiding the poor by issuing food stamps. They feel like a border wall will limit the number of cartels and murderers. In reality, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, cities along the border already stand among the safest in the nation. Why would a fence or wall be a viable solution to a non-problem?

The money that President Trump is seeking to build this monstrosity of morality is not the point. The main focus out to be on the millions of lives who will not be changed for the better because of clumsy ideas like a border barrier. As the president gains steam on this project, it is clear to see that backwards policies hurt all of those involved.

The ideas baked into this proposal for a wall are rancid. More exactly, the nonexistence of ethical ideas remain inherent in this whole plot. There is no virtue in limiting the freedoms of individuals who make the choice for self-improvement. And for those who worry about occupations being preempted, or those put on government assistance, firstly, no one has a right to a career. The labor market functions on merit, not non-essentials like race and class. Secondly, there shouldn’t be any welfare for anyone but if a person crosses the border, the money should go to them before some American slacker with no goals or plans of finding work.

This wall has created a wall within this country’s soul. Divided on one side are both the left and right who favor the collective and on the other are the individualists who know better.

They know that reason and individualism coupled together can defeat nonsensical ideas like building a wall but also promote the notion that opening borders, declaring specifically who the enemies of the State are and eliminating them, and letting pass those coming to America to transform themselves for the better is the solution to this non-national emergency.

How does it work?
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