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by Shivani Singh about a year ago in opinion

"Don't trust everything you see, Even salt looks like sugar"

In this era congested by deceit, trickery and double-dealing, sometimes it’s real difficult to decipher between what’s right and wrong, what is true and lie, what is real and fake.

For years and centuries, when humankind couldn’t even imagine rendering this wizardly power of ‘internet’ at fingertips to connect, share, and organize; corrupt folks leveraged the ultimate weapon—information—against common beings. Occasionally for good, other times not so much. Unfortunate, of course; yet true as colors!

More than half of the global population had access to ‘internet’ as of 2017, and the numbers have only risen since then.

Remember when, in our not-so-ancient legends, a single person was the ‘message barer’ who was responsible to communicate critical information and was trusted by the respective parties. Raging wars and whole armies were directed based off the inflow of information through messages and tips.

May it be Chhatrapati Shivaji, the secular warrior King with his confidant Pantaji Gopinath; Alexander, the King of Greece with Hephaistion; Napoleon Bonaparte, the Emperor of French with Louis Constant Wairy; or Abraham Lincoln, 16th US President with Noah Brooks... all of these names and minds had tremendous perusal hold on what information was being concentrated on and what was being diluted. Irregularity was the blue way of life.

Regretfully, much hasn’t changed since the dark times!

Only difference is, the charades being put forth turned more colorful & comfortable to blind us successfully. The dishonorable got more shameless, and the ordinary got easy-to-maneuver.

Information was and is the key to all that holds power or is powerful... alive and static alike. Not being able to receive or deliver truthful information ran the cracks of societal squabble deeper than ever before. The mere state of ‘not knowing‘ became an armor for the scandalous, and they wore it with nothing less than downright pride.

The fact that, we as the ‘conventional people’ could not solidify, so as to stand together and raise an echoing voice against the corrupt was precisely a win on their end.

It is sad and painful to identify the pattern throughout history in different parts of our world, staring us right in the face and yet somehow we manage to turn a blind eye to all of it.

The Great Hack, an hour and 34 minute long documentary by Netflix, is one such modern revelation surrounding information synthesis, data collection, and tragic-level embezzlement.

With evolving humankind, I believe soon enough there will surface a consolidated idea which will balance out the malign.

I used to think "the more we know, the better," as that straight up helped us to get equipped against what’s coming. To my dismay, that concept has recently faded away for me. Although "knowing" is still at the core, but "not acting" is the ultimate downfall. Being unable to take action is a factual issue.

To that, there are doubtless counters including consequences for self and beloved ones; the uncertainty of being able to make substantial change (if any at all); actual lives being at risk; facing unforeseen situations and ones deepest fears without notice; etc. However, we have witnessed over and over again, what happens when one fails to act. And yet, if we choose to stay confined to the facade and embrace the comfort, we are nothing more than a basinet of FOOLS!

"Human" is one who learns from his mistakes, but if we choose not to learn... I don’t know... what that makes "most of us."

The fact is that, "most of us" do want this reign of change to come along and sweep away the grime, but not the same "most of us" are willing to do what is takes... to educate and make themselves aware... to liaise particulars... to take the time to converse and understand... to be in harms way before your fellow being. It takes nonfictional courage and nerve to pull off stunts like that.

However, one can’t expect to keep following and doing the exact identical thing and expect varied results. That is certainly not the way to go!

Not all at once, but slowly & steadily, we as conventional commoners need to realize, step up, and take charge. Not to pay patronage to the past or to set an example for the future to come, but for the respect of our presence, dignity, and prowess in the present.

I am not rallying up folks or starting a commotion, rather sharing the tiny piece of information that my little brain caught on to and saw right through. I hope we all gain the foresight to penetrate under what’s being layered over and over again to make us the laughingstocks.

Find reliable, credible and dependable sources to base your belief on. Don’t take things for their face value, delve deeper, dig a bit further. Introspect and don’t overlook instinctive intuitions. Instead take those into account while ruminating.

That being said, do not be or get too overtly paranoid or fearful to trust and put faith. Do your research, strike a balance, moderate the inflow of data and then form a perspective impression.

“The world is a big place

and I want you have a good look at it

before it gets dark”

John Muir

Shivani Singh
Shivani Singh
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Shivani Singh
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