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Public and Allies Turning Against Vlad The Invader.

Ukrainian Intelligence Propaganda or Truth?

By Nicholas BishopPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Public and Allies Turning Against Vlad The Invader.
Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

According to Andriy Yusov of the Ukrainian intelligence brand 'Putin' has become toxic. Mr. Yusov says that the Russian public is getting fed up with the war.

Apparently even those in Putin's inner circle are looking to replace the Russian President. According to Mr. Yusov "the circle around Putin is narrowing".

Of course, with the International Criminal Court branding, Putin as a war criminal Putin must feel the pressure. Meeting with President Xi of China yesterday many commented that it was Putin who looked the junior partner as the two met. There may be some merit to that. Once upon a time in Soviet times, Russia called China its little brother. Now it seems China is the bigger brother as Russia looks east to help with its war effort in Ukraine. Russia cannot rely on the West any more and is turning to nations like China and Iran. Recently all three nations held joint naval efforts. Some say Putin is looking to put together an anti-Western alliance.

Mr. Putin invaded Ukraine 12 months ago with the statement that the country would be His in 72 hours. However, time has passed and Ukraine has been battered and bruised by Russian forces. However, Ukraine still stays strong and has humbled Russian forces on the battlefield.

Russia again according to estimates has lost 700,000 men. Many wounded Russian combatants are too ill to return to the battlefield both physically and mentally. Russian forces are cracking on the anvil that is Ukraine. One wonders what the war would have been like had not NATO trained and equipped the Ukrainians. That's not to take away the incredible fighting and patriotism of the Ukrainian people and forces.

One must also be aware that propaganda has always played a part in war. And this war is no different. Official information coming out of Kyiv about Putin or Russia could be true. However, it is common practice for a country at war to spread untrue rumours about its opponents. No doubt, Russia is doing the same about Ukraine.

As regards war crimes Moscow denies all charges of them. Well, it would wouldn't it? Russia has used carpet bombing technics to level whole areas of Ukrainian infrastructure and residences, hospitals, and power plants, to make life uncomfortable for ordinary Ukrainians. In the areas still under Russian occupation and former areas that were occupied Russia is accused of war crimes. As well as transporting Ukrainian children to Russia to begin new lives as apparent Russians.

It is easy to see why the ICC (International Criminal Court) want Putin arrested and in court. However, how likely is that to happen? Very unlikely it would seem. Unless his own cabinet turns against him and hands him over to the ICC. Or there is a coup to unseat him from people in his party or some other intervention say from the military. Mr. Putin, now knows there is an arrest warrant out for him and will not travel abroad. He will travel only to places where he feels safe like China or Iran.

Putin said he was looking at the Chinese plan to end the war. Does that mean Putin has seen the writing on the wall? That to carry on this war is futile as pressure mounts on him both at home and abroad? Of course, any peace plan would have to be agreed upon with Ukraine. No blueprint for a peace plan has been unveiled to the rest of the world by the Chinese as yet. China may be looking to exploit the Ukraine-Russian war. If China can be seen as a peace broker and bring the two sides together that would do China's image the world of good. Or at least that's what China may think. It knows it has a terrible record on human rights in Tibet, Hong Kong, and with the Uighurs. This display by President Xi to bring an end to the war may be genuine or just a power play.


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I am a freelance writer currently writing for Blasting News and HubPages. I mainly write about politics. But have and will cover all subjects when the need arises.

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