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Protest needs a rethink

Modern protests are counterproductive-Or are they?

By Peter RosePublished 7 months ago 5 min read

Protest needs a rethink.

Protesting is having opposite effect to the one claimed to be the objective.

Protests, from the time those organised to try and get atomic bombs banned, have changed and today we have stop oil and extinction rebellion- both of these have financial backing and organisation leadership. Neither of these facilities existed for ban the bomb marches. In the main the ban the bomb protests were peaceful, that is they did not involve much violence or anti-social behaviour. Modern protestors are different, they seem to glory in causing as much social disturbance as they possible can. This new trend does not appear to be aimed at gaining support for a selected set of opinions, but aimed at causing as much nuisance and aggravation to as many members of the public as they can. The result is that very large numbers of “the general public” regard the protestors as selfish, self-indulgent, ego driven, arrogant and disconnected from reality. Because of this, the protests have lost all chance of exerting political pressure. They are just exhibitionist demanding the world takes notice of them. It is widely accepted that these new protestors get paid “expenses” for disrupting the law-abiding activities of other people. This is nothing other than rent-a -mob dressed up in middleclass clothing.

If it is "ethical" for ego driven activists to disrupt the lives and work of the general public then it is also ethical to disrupt the activities of protestors. The ballot box is the place to change things. Causing difficulties to the general public will not help their cause- whatever it is --all it will do is alienate those who may have agreed with them.

The zealots of extinction rebellion and stop oil ---appear to claim that the fact that they take climate change seriously, justifies their methods of imposing their views on everyone else.

It needs remembering that the Taliban and Isis fighters take their religion very seriously but even the protesters who deliberately stop people going about lawful activities, would have to admit this serious belief in a religion, does not mean they are right in killing others to force their views on everyone. Just because you are convinced in the righteousness of your beliefs, does not give you any right to coerce others and try to impose that belief on others.

Has reality been changed? do people now expect to be able to walk off a cliff and not fall just because they do not want to get hurt? Stop oil protestors who deliberately slow all traffic down to slow walking pace—and so stop emergency response, people with “transport connections” to make etc. Seem amazed and seek police protection when those they are deliberately harming, fight back and the protestor gets hurt.

There are reports that groups such as stop oil also expect members to follow strict vegan diets. If these reports are accurate then the people involved are excluding meat eaters who worry about climate change, This is bordering on a fascist elitism in its organisational hierarchy.

A less obvious form of protest is causing much trouble in Britain, a form of civil disobedience by those paid well to be obedient to the will of the people when democratically shown. There is mounting evidence of Whitehall civil servants considering they should replace democratically elected governments. The only conclusion from a series of events is that these civil servants want to replace democracy with a soviet style of bureaucratic government, which is themselves.

Change is needed, either we elect a government with the strength to sack the lot or it will leave to civil unrest on a scale never before seen in Britain. When the silent majority really grasp the reality of a takeover, by the bureaucracy, they will rebel. The civil servants want a socialist government in because they know they can so easily manipulate and side-line socialist politicians There is a suspicion that all this is being financed and orchestrated by the EU. Get evidence of this and charges of treason can be laid.

So many demands made by protestors, will so obviously lead to a ruined economy which will collapse so many artisan businesses and then in 10 years’ time these same protestors will wash their hands of their involvement in so much human hardship. Climate change will still be going on, the nation made sacrifices just to satisfy the egos of a few with mistaken ideas about climate change--- The truth is that climate change is going on Climate change has always been going on Climate change will continue to go on. We need to plan how to cope and stop pretending if we tax this ban that then it can be stopped. It cannot be stopped. Look at history, consider all the non-human factors involved in climate change, from earth’s elliptical orbit, to sunspots, to volcanic eruptions, to wildfires, from shifts in the magnetic field emanating from the core of our planet and the shifting of ocean currents and wind patterns. Humans may be the cause of some change in the climate, but we are not the only cause. If the zealots really believe what they claim, then they should admit they wish to exterminate half the world population, just leaving themselves in total control of everyone else’s lifestyles.

Media posts claiming people demand that climate change ends!-- Does any intelligent thinking person think climate change will "end"? before the sun reaches its end and burns planet earth to dust? What if climate "change" ends? Are we to be stuck in a time warp of now? do people seriously believe the sunspots, volcanic activity, wildfires, the elliptical orbit, etc will all stop?

One other form of protest has been around since slavery abolished, the withdrawing of labour in protest at conditions and pay. The modern version of this form of protest involves trying to maximise difficulties for the paying customers rather than the bosses. This is, in principle, the same variation of protest as are slow marches in city centres, they are aiming the protest at the general population not the people who make the decisions. This makes them counterproductive since the public, including many who may well support the need for higher wages, feel aggravated by being targeted by the unions when they are powerless to grant more pay, so they turn against the strikers.

The conclusion from all this is; that modern protests are not aimed at the specific “cause” claimed, but they are all aimed at forcing a generalised political change without the bother of going through a democratically obtained verdict at the secret ballot box.

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