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Propaganda Truth Fiction Or Out And Out Lies

You be the Judge.

By Dave WettlauferPublished 3 years ago 4 min read

With the COVID-19 flu running ramped around the world; you have to ask yourself why there are so many non-believers. Is Coronavirus even true? My question is, do people have to fall over dead beside you for you to believe it’s real? Or ... not!

Maybe it’s because young people think it only kills old people and their healthy bodies are exempt. But the old people’ that’s expectable … they had health problems anyway one would say!

Or could it be that a person isn't sure what to believe, the public has been lied to before.

Well as of writing this article and the date publishing things have changed drastically. The young people are not exempt and as of today the new strain Covid-19 seem to be targeting the young people.

If Covid-19 Coronavirus spreads quickly and is as serious as the world health organization says? The (WHO) organization, then why aren’t people taking it more seriously?

There are so many questions out there and so many unanswered ones.

So the question is, why don’t more people believe?

There are many arguments passed around on social media … is it real? …it’s not real? So much miss-information out there you don’t know who to believe.

It’s almost to the point that you will have brothers against brothers arguing whether this Covid-19 is real or …not.

That part of arguments is a good thing for the likes of Facebook or any other social media site. Interaction is “good for business. ” Keep fighting, it generates more people, more people, and more engagement eh!

But then, you have to set yourself back a pace, scratch your head and say to the skeptic American brother, you know you could somewhat be right. You know conspirators have their agenda in making money out of something terrible, the government and all institutions take full advantage of this unsettling truth from a fiction scare.

Are Governments telling you truths, fiction or, out and out … lies.

Adding to the scenario … both Russia and China have been known of spread disinformation about the virus on the web. Make everybody more disillusioned about the truth from fiction on the Coronavirus Pandemic.

But you, yourself, have syphoned threw the pull-shit you read in the news and on the web and you have to re-think the situation whether it’s real or not and what’s best for you and your family.

Our subsidy has been built on lies and deception. Stores, media, your governments use half-truths or lies for …”supposedly for your protection.”

Propaganda was widely used to tell the public were winning the war when we weren’t.

Donald Trump calls everything the way he sees it, the virus is just a flu bug and media is fake news. “He of all people would no” His whole being, life was wrapped around the newspapers; he has been in the limelight at an early age, so he knows. He is a master at saying and doing things, true or not, at the right time and the right place. The media is only half as good at it as US President Trump.

But this article is not about Donald Trump per-say; it’s about lies and deception that has placed on all of us for so many years; it’s a regular part of life.

So who and what do you believe, is it Propaganda, Truth or Fiction, and how does it relate to Covid-19 or even Global Warming.

So behind the scenes, all of us have been flimflammed forever; that’s why there is so much discontent amongst the people. You have to decipherer the truths from the fiction of all parts of your lives.

One of the most discontent rumors is, the government is now telling us what to do, wear those masks, how to think, they’re taking away all of our rights, our identity. That’s why the rumors, discontentment is among the people.

The movie the Matrix would be an excellent example of how I see the world through my eyes

Truth from fiction, eh!

The propaganda machine and the COVID-19 something so crucial for humankind to know the real truth and, in the end, which do you believe, our subsidy has been built on one big lie with lots of promises.

The COVID-19 is a critical issue, global warming and climate change is an important issue, but who do you believe, what do you believe?

What are the truths from fiction?

There you have it, in the end; you have to decide. But of all time in the history of man, we should know the TRUTH from fiction.

So wear your masks like a good little boy, just in case … Coronavirus is real. Eh!

Propaganda, Truth or Fiction and how it relates to Covid-19, “You be the judge.”

Abraham Lincoln Said;

“I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crisis. The great point is to bring them the real facts.

And … free beer.” I added that part eh!

If all else fails, “Let your conscious be your Guide”

David Allan Wiles


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