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President Ruto's Jamhuri Day Address

Celebrating Progress and Charting Kenya's Future

By Bagwasi DennisPublished 6 months ago 3 min read

President William Ruto marked the nation's Jamburi Day celebrations with a speech reflecting on Kenya's journey since gaining independence. Emphasizing the value of freedom, Ruto highlighted strides in political and economic self-determination over the past 60 years.

The President acknowledged the evolution from a single-party state to a competitive multiparty democracy, emphasizing the importance of checks and balances under the 2010 constitution. He noted the increased autonomy of institutions, especially the judiciary, in addressing national issues with clarity.

Ruto underlined the country's democratic achievements, emphasizing a shift towards issue-based elections and a stronger focus on national interests. He acknowledged progress in governance and economic stability but recognized the persistent challenges of economic inequality and youth unemployment. He has committed that his newly established housing project is going to create the much employment to our young people.

President Ruto announced a significant milestone in his speech, declaring that Kenya will implement visa-free entry starting from January 1, 2024. This decision marks a substantial stride toward open boundaries, fostering a pan-African spirit and contributing to the global fight against terrorism. The President emphasized the comprehensive measures in place, highlighting the establishment of mechanisms to enhance capacity and ensure the effectiveness of this strategic move.

This visionary step not only simplifies travel to Kenya but also signifies a commitment to strengthening ties across the continent. By eliminating visa requirements, Kenya aims to encourage a sense of unity and cooperation, reinforcing the nation's dedication to combating terrorism and promoting regional integration. President Ruto underscored the importance of this decision as part of broader efforts to build a resilient and interconnected Africa.

In the realm of governance, the President commended constitutional commissions and independent offices for their role in promoting good governance. He highlighted achievements in resource allocation and timely missions to county assemblies.

Turning to economic matters, Ruto outlined initiatives to boost various sectors. Notable plans include increased allocations to the education sector, interventions in agriculture, and a massive housing program aimed at creating jobs and addressing the housing deficit. He further emphasized that the housing program is predominantly for job creation which will ensure the young people can get jobs which will in turn transform the economy.

President Ruto discussed healthcare reforms, emphasizing a shift towards preventive and promotive approaches through the Universal Health Coverage plan. He praised the enactment of legislation supporting healthcare funding and fair insurance for vulnerable Kenyans.

The President also touched on efforts to enhance Kenya's digital and technological landscape, showcasing partnerships with global entities to expand opportunities for Kenyan youth. Ruto highlighted strides in the creative industry, including collaborations with major platforms to support content creators.

In addressing climate change, President Ruto underscored Kenya's commitment to driving climate action on the continent. He emphasized the nation's leadership and the recently launched Africa Green Industrialization Initiative in collaboration with the United Arab Emirates.

As a part of financial inclusion, Ruto celebrated the success of the Hustler Fund, a program providing affordable credit to millions. He announced enhancements to credit limits and attractive interest rates for savers on the platform. This so far is the one of his successful flagship project as small and medium size businesses have been able to acquire convenient loans at their fingertips.

The President concluded by reaffirming Kenya's dedication to transparent governance, highlighting initiatives such as the digitization of government services for efficiency and accountability.

President Ruto's Jamhuri Day speech aimed to inspire hope and convey a vision for a united, democratic, and economically prosperous Kenya, where everyone will feel proud to be Kenyan, underlining the importance of collective efforts in achieving these goals.

Happy Jamhuri Day



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