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Prelude To Revolt

The Second American Revolution

By Dr. WilliamsPublished 7 years ago 5 min read

America, from sea to shining sea has always been a beacon of hope and salvation for troubling souls from every corner of the globe. For over one hundred years the United States stood for as the land of equal opportunity. Where anyone could aspire to achieve a better quality of life. For all those who are willing to work hard the steps of the upward mobility ladder were free to climb. A far cry from the reality of today. The steps of the upward mobility ladder are now almost impossible to find, cluttered under an avalanche of false hopes and insurmountable obstacles.

Life in the United States where those limitless days of golden opportunities to actually experience the American Dream have now withered and died. It is said that people don’t revolt just because times are bad. Bad times have written perilous chapters in the history of every economy. Yet, revolution is still comparatively rare. People revolt when times seem hopeless, when populations feel so cheated by government’s actions or inactions that the risk of losing everything for standing against authority seems but a minor concession. All one has to do is look toward the Mid-East where in Syria civil war is tearing apart that nation. It was just a few years ago that Arab Spring gave rise to more revolt against tyrannical rule and more recently in Egypt. All because their populations revolted against entrenched leaders and government that have become obsessed with that "Marie Antoinette syndrome".

What we are seeing in America today is a methodic orchestrated move toward societies shift to third world status. We may have not breached that state of hopelessness and despair here, at least not yet. But, so many of us do feel cheated, and increasingly so. The government officials we have elected over the past two decades have done more to divide our country than in any period in our history. Those magnificent most benevolent "Wizards" of state have continued to have ushered in policies, issued mandates, and passed laws that have done more harm to destroy the hopes and aspirations of millions of Americans. It is all these decrees passed down through Washington that have robed us of our patrimony, and usurped our liberties in a way that typified a totalitarian state rather than a nation of democracy as was intended by our founding fathers and our Constitution. To compound all that has transpired the Supreme Court has had a hand in undermining the American society as well with it's decisions stemming from the 1962 ruling that struck down voluntary prayer in schools.

Today, we find ourselves in precarious circumstances in our country, though like the ostrich, most of us including far, too many in Washington D.C. have our heads in the sand. We have accumulated a level of debt that is double the world’s entire GDP. Unprecedented in the annuals of history. Currently, there is no way the United States will ever be able to eliminate that debt. One out of every four Americans now lives in poverty. Remember when LBJ launched the war on poverty? Well, apparently, all things considered, we lost. Today, more than two thirds of our countries population, according to the Census Bureau, is either “poor” or “low income”. It is a sad commentary and a real irony for a country that trumpets the abundance of wealth and equal opportunity.

A nation that once held the number one ranking in educational standards in math and science today our educational system doesn't even figure in the top twenty of all the industrialized nation in the world. When factored in our dismal educational system it is only exasperating the nations unemployment and underemployment crisis. We have systemic joblessness in America today. In the more than three years since the Great Recession’s end, some end we have yet to recoup the millions jobs lost between 2007 and 2009 let alone the millions and millions more that were shifted overseas from 1994 on. Many will never come back because technology has made them redundant. And those that are returning highlight one of the reasons revolutions arise: economic desperation. Over 75% of the created jobs today so far are not middle class wage earning but of poverty level incomes. When so many people fail to see any economic gain or are deprived the means to a better quality of life are preludes to revolution.

Could these continuing economic undertones ignite a second American Revolution? The handwriting is already on the wall. In more and more instances people are being thrust into a cycle of diminished opportunities with so little hope of ever being able, like our national debt, to ever climb out of the abyss that they have already fallen into. Modern America is rife with simmering discord. An emergence of a two class society. Remember the Occupy Movement, were factions gathered to voice discord with the displaced ideologies that have prevailed rendering societies helpless against the assault of governmental policies that have only created the largest wealth disparity gap in history.

Yet, our path toward a second revolution is lined with preludes and flash points that have fomented histories most significant revolutions. The American experience has afforded us the greatest economic expansion and our nations finest hours from 1941 all the way till the 1980. Now, we are within reach of the end of our economic dominance. It seems that this nation is susceptible to the same turbulence and rolling over of governments as other nations the world over. The preludes and flash points of discontent are clearly visible here in the good old USA.


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Dr. Williams

A PhD in Economics. Author of National Economic Reform's Ten Articles of Confederation.

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