Politics Plain and Simple?

Never argue with anyone about politics or religion.

Politics Plain and Simple?
Pixabay.comDaddy always said to me while growing up, never argue about politics or religion.

Not every reader is going to embrace what I have to say or possibly agree with what I am saying, and that is alright with me. It is my right and your right to agree or disagree peaceably with each other.

The difference in views and opinions on things in life is what this article is all about and how to cope with the idea and views of others.

This article is about injustice, unfairness in speech and deed, hate, anger, irrational thinking, rudeness to others, deceit, lying, lack of common sense, and much more.

What has happened to peaceful cohabitation, trustworthiness, honesty, common sense, getting along with other people, and more of the positiveness in life?

When I asked my dad so many years ago why he believed that no one should never argue about politics or religion his answer was plain and simple and one that I would not be able to grasp until I was much older. Dad said,

"Every person on the planet earth has different views and reacts differently to everything in life, and it is rare indeed if everyone agreed on everything. An argument about politics or religion with someone is an argument that you and the one you are arguing with will never win. The best you can hope for is a firm agreement with each other to disagree respectively."

Mama would always add her two cents to dad's comment and say,

"After all, this wide range of diversity among people is what makes the world go around. Can you imagine if everyone on this planet were the same as you or I? If you think that you could live with yourself peacefully and get along with someone exactly like you, you are sadly mistaken?"

Ideally, everyone should uphold and respect the views of other people, but in the real world, our world in this 21st century, this does not happen to any significant degree, anymore.

These days I rarely see a lot of folks respecting other people's opinion and views without violently lashing out at that person or damaging their reputation and personal property.

I do not know if I can still fully grasp what my dad was saying because it seems to me that there are so many people who all they want to do is argue, fight, cuss, and disrespect their neighbor and their neighbor's property. It seems to me that many people chose the path that makes other people's lives miserable to the point of ruining lives, one life at a time.

All through this article, you see a lot of question and no answers. Maybe someday I will meet another person who has all the right answers because I do not.

Q. "Why is it so hard to listen to other people's opinions and views and respect their beliefs when it does not hurt them specifically and accept these views and opinions of other people?

Q. "Whatever happened to a majority rule?"

Q. "Why must everyone become so outraged, angry, hateful, and display such contempt for those that have done nothing to them, except to disagree with an opinion or view, to the point of wishing that person (s) dead?"

Q. "Why does it seem like there are so many people fighting for causes and are not even aware of the causes they are fighting?"

To me, it looks as though the planet is reverting to the stone age versus a highly respected and civilized nation. Too many people today would be happy to just hit their neighbor over the head with a big old club then listen to a differing view. From what I have read and from what I see on the morning news and when I am out and about, I believe this to be truer every day.

The civilizations of the past were not an enlightened group of people. We as an American society, highly educated, for the most part, yet seem to lack any common sense any more in so many things. I am sure you have heard at some time,

"That person has plenty of book smarts, but I seriously doubt whether they have any common sense."

I see this lack of common sense in the daily news media, when I am driving on the roadways, in schools picking up my grandchildren, hospitals, banks, restaurants, and just about anywhere. I have wondered many times where that person's head is and asked myself,

Q. "What were they thinking?"

In my estimation, I think that this is mind-boggling to witness such a severe lack of good old common sense. As I said, you may or may not agree with my views, and that is alright.

All of my friends and I do not share the same views on many things, but we respect each other's opinions and hold onto the promise to agree to disagree with each other. I would never consider damaging their reputation or property because I do not agree with their views.

As much as we peacefully try to understand other people sometimes we can and other times we cannot so why cannot we leave that issue in a state of agreement to disagree?

Just because my neighbor does not carry the same religious or political beliefs as I hold, I would not think of holding up a sign and picket in front of their home or workplace because they were not of the same views or like mind as myself.

As my first born son said years ago,

"Mom, I think I want to follow a psychology career path, as I need to find out what is in the head of some folks and why they think the way they do if this is at all possible."

I have never thought to ask my son if he ever found an answer to his question so long ago.

The News


The news on television, the newspaper, magazines, the radio

I am a huge news geek and a fan of the Fox News Network. If you are not a fan of this network I respect your opinion, please respect mine.

As I sit down with my first cup of coffee in the morning to watch the news, it seems to me that too many people do not fully understand what and why they are fighting so hard. Like I said I respect the opinion and views of most people, but only if their views and opinions do not bring harm in any way to me or another person.

Harm can come in many different ways, such as guns, knives, poison, you get the idea. However, the tongue is one of the decidedly worse weapons anyone can use on another person. The next is your pen.

As I watch the news there is undoubtedly a lot of harm being done by the tongue to others in society, across all cultures and races, rich or poor, educated and uneducated, and it does need to stop, or we are going to lose our civilized and free society as we have come to love and embrace.

Common sense, respect for others' right to their opinion, their property, and the right to agree to disagree on things that matter to each are what seems to make sense in this nonsensical world we live in today. But, little common sense seems to exist anymore.

Q. "Where has our common sense gone?"

Q. "Is it possible for a person to have book smarts, be highly intelligent, and lack basic common sense? I do think this to be the case in many instances.

Companies and corporations are pushing people to obtain higher education or lose their jobs. I have nothing at all against higher education. I believe that every American should gain as much knowledge as they can. However, is society becoming too highly educated to the point that people lose all connection to common sense?

For instance, I do know that our local hospital is mandating that employees go back to school and obtain a Bachelor's degree if they want to keep their job.

Q. "Is this adding to part of our problem today?"

I am [rotesting!

For example, I think that this scenario happens all too often.

"I am protesting in the city today. But wait, you are asking me what the protest is all about? Now let me think about what it is I am protesting. Oh well, I will meet with my friends and find out what we are protesting if I have time."

I do believe that peaceful protests are an inherent right of each American. I also think that if you are going to protest you need to know, in-depth the issues at hand that make you want to complain. You need to know the facts, the problems, and the reasons present that make you want to protest.

While watching the news a few days ago, a journalist interviewed several people on the street at a recent protest, and every one of the people interviewed could not give a clear reason what the rally was all about, why they were there, and who and what they were supporting.

While the news commentator covered a recent protest, this journalist on the street asked a random protestor the following question.

Q. "What is this protest about?"

A. "Well, I am not entirely sure, other then I know it must be a good thing, so I am here to protest."

One morning this same journalist went to the street and spoke to several random people about the Constitution of the United States such as when it was signed, why it was approved, and what it said. The following are just a few of the questions and answers.

Q. "Do you know why the Constitution of the United States came about?"

A. "Not really, I don't have a clue."

Q. "What year what the Constitution of the United States signed?"

A. "I believe the Constitution was signed in 1987."

I think you know where I am going with this.

For example, if you claim to support the Left, know what the Left stands for and if you are claiming association with the Right then find out exactly what the Right position holds.

The same holds true for any group that you claim association. Know the group and their beliefs. Knowing the facts holds true for religion and politics. I believe that it is good to know what your counterparts stand for and the issues for which they keep a firm opinion. It is then that you can sensibly say "Yay" or "Nay."

I could never understand how an individual can protest someone's belief if that person is not well-informed on all counts. Do people even care anymore about the opinions of another person if that person is not in agreement with the way you think and believe?

I also feel that there are far too many people who protest merely to protest and they do not know why they are complaining or the agenda at hand.

Q. "Do they even care to understand the reasons for the protest?"

Q. "Is it just the excitement of the mob?"

Q. "Is it the thrill of causing trouble?"

The Constitution of the United States

The following, based on what Americans believe should also take into consideration the United States Constitution. If you were to ask any person on the street, many would not even know what the Constitution stands for, or the importance of such a document put into place in 1778.

The Constitution of the United States is long and requires a lot of time to read as it contains many different articles. The Constitution, put in place many years ago assures that each United States citizen has the right to the following things.

  • A perfect union in which to exist
  • A fair system of Justice
  • The right to live in a nation that embraces peace and Tranquility
  • A country that harbors a reliable defense system
  • The welfare is top quality for every American citizen
  • Liberty for all
  • Posterity for all who reside as United States Citizens
  • Limits the power of the Federal Government
  • Those in power do not have the right to take away or add to this Constitution

This list is the simplest form in a tiny nutshell explaining the Constitution of the United States. No individual who is a legal American citizen has the right to infringe on any of these Constitutional rights of anyone else.

The great thing about being an American citizen is that anyone can hold any belief they so desire, as long as their view do not infringe on the Constitutional rights of another and this seems to be happening a lot these days and little is done to protect these rights.

The Constitution works well until you see that leaders in any party have the wrong motives such as greed for power and money.

Political ideologies cause much confusion.

To help remove some of the confusion of political ideologies, the following is a clear-cut and straightforward explanation of what many people believe to be the right path in politics.

You would be surprised at how many people, including me, who did not have a clear understanding of what ideologies mean so I will start with the following explanation.

Ideologies in a simple, easy to understand means the fundamental beliefs about what people feel to be right. These fundamental beliefs include but are not limited to our:

  • Economy and finances
  • Individualized cultures
  • Political views
  • Social views

Very few individuals claim to have the same ideas and ideologies as their neighbor. Everyone is different, and everyone reacts differently to a lot of things in life. These differences are where respect for that person's opinion holds true.

All through the United States, you meet individuals who embrace specific views, and that person has a right to their opinions, as long as their belief does not negatively impact your life and the lives of others.

A Small Note on Extremism

One more note of interest lies in the topic of extremism, meaning that you associate yourself with the Left or Right, but your views and opinions go way beyond what was initially laid out for these two most popular political parties. You are considered a Far Left or a Far Right extremist supporter when you go beyond the original intentions of these parties.

In the News

We hear, from the news every day about "The Left" and "The Right."

"What are the basic beliefs of these two groups of people?"

The terms Right and Left Wing go back a few centuries, and I do not have the space to expound on either of these groups, other than to give a simple and understandable explanation.

To understand exactly where these parties originated you must do some research because both the Democrat and Republican parties evolved through many different stages, bringing both parties into the 21st century where it is today.

Do I go left, do I go right, or do I take a minority path?


Left and Extreme Left? Right and Extreme Right? Join a minority? "I am so confused."

The Left a.k.a Liberals a.k.a Democrats in a Nutshell and Then There Is the Extreme Left

If you belong to the Left, you believe in what the Democratic party believes. You vote on the side of the left, and you work to help people understand these issues which are as follows.

  • The Democratic party believes that all people are created equal, and the majority of people rule.
  • This group believes that there needs to be a wider tax gap between classes of peoples and a push for a progressive structure of tax systems
  • The Constitution is a strict document to be followed by the government
  • Not add to or take away from the Constitution as originally written
  • To practice a balance between your liberty, your common good, and your social justice
  • Wealthier Americans pay higher taxes
  • Spending less on our military
  • Social programs need more financial help from the government

As I watch the news every day, it seems to me that the Left is fast moving away from their original beliefs.

The Right a.k.a Conservatives a.k.a Republican and Then There Is the Extreme Right

This Right Wing party formed in the latter part of the 1700s, found their original foundation set on widespread beliefs.

  • One central belief was a more substantial tax gap between financial classes of individuals and a decrease in government spending. This conservative group indeed opposes socialism and social democracy.

This group is made up mainly of Christians, nationalists, and traditional conservatives. Groups that claim to be of the Right Party can be very far to the right and be considered racists, fascists, and Nazism.

As I research the beliefs and views of the Republican Party, I find that they believe in the following.

  • A separation of the Federal Government from your life
  • Lower taxes for all United States citizens
  • Social programs need fewer funds from the government.
  • Little to no interference by the government in businesses and the overall economy

The Red, White, and Blue


The Glory of Being an American Citizen

The Glory of Being an American Citizen

One of the perks of being an American Citizen is that there are many, many different political parties. The Democrat and the Republican parties are the front runners of America. Each political party can take up residence in the United States and have the freedom to fight fairly for what they believe to be the best for all persons.

You are free to join whatever party fits your views and beliefs. The one thing that the United States does is offer possible political leaders in any given group the ability to lead the United States onto victory IF that person's party is voted in through the majority of voters across all 50 states. Your political party must convince the American voters that your way is the best pathway.

Political Parties Showing a Presence in the United States

Listed below are the four major political parties in the United States, followed by just a few of the many registered minor parties.

  • Republican Party
  • Democratic Party
  • Independent
  • Libertarian Party

In addition to those listed above, there are countless minor political parties. Listed below are just a few of the smaller political parties within the United States.

  • America First Party
  • America's Party Christian conservatism
  • American Delta Party
  • American Freedom Party
  • American Populist Party
  • American Solidarity Party
  • Christian Democratic Party
  • Black Riders Liberation Party
  • Green Party
  • Working Families Party
  • Independence Party of New York
  • Independent
  • Christian Liberty Party
  • Citizens Party of the United States
  • Communist Party/Workers Party of America
  • Constitution Party
  • U.S. Taxpayers' Party
  • Freedom Socialist Party
  • Green Party
  • Global Greens
  • Humane Party
  • Independent American Party
  • Justice Party
  • Legal Marijuana Now Party
  • Libertarian Party
  • Classical liberalism
  • Anti-intervention
  • Inter Libertarians
  • Modern Whig Party
  • National Socialist Movement
  • New Black Panther Party
  • Objectivist Party
  • Party for Socialism and Liberation
  • Peace and Freedom Party
  • Prohibition Party
  • Reform Party

Q. "Which party do you associate yourself with and do you know what your political party stands for and what beliefs your party holds?"

Q. "Do you allow all people across all cultures, religions, income levels, and race to express their beliefs, and opinions without repercussion or fear?"

Q. "Do you treat all persons with differing opinions and beliefs the same offering them the respect and dignity they, as an American citizen deserves?"

Carolann Sherwood
Carolann Sherwood
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