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Politics and the delivery of policy

by Peter Rose 2 years ago in opinion
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Democracy under threat

Politics and the delivery of policy.

Political policy has to be delivered and the elite are seeking to take over the means of delivery.

Democracy is not just about political debate.

The pillars of democratic nations are being usurped and this will destroy democracy.

Democracy us basically government by elected representatives of the majority. It is also about government by consent. The laws enacted by a democratic government need to have the approval of the majority. They also need to be administered in a way that is also acceptable to the majority. Those who oppose democracy because, either through Fascism or Communism, they seek to impose governance by an elite control of all the functions of the state; are seeking to undermine democracy. They understand they can not win elections by persuasion of the majority and so they seek to undermine the administration of democracy and to distort the teaching of those principles that anchor democracy in the minds of people. One way of doing this is to use the education system, firstly to take over the ambiance and change this from universal inquiry to “protected” political dogma. Another way is to take control of the civil policing and so change the attitude of policing organization to generate a gap between the police forces and those they are supposed to serve.

Policing should be about; above all else, cooperation with the community for the good of the majority of the community. In a democracy the majority rule. That is clear factual definition and the police need to be part of that. The present police structure (in Britain and probably in other places) with a management structure that is solely university qualified, remote and detached from community; is management that is about as far away for how things should be, as can be imagined. Radical change in needed. May be back to the future but the actual police management and the front line officers all need to be part of the community they serve. Note serve, not control, not be enemies of. Not opposition, not police to the letter of the law. In Britain the police are not a physical arm of the law courts; they are constables of the Queen, they are the justice representative of the people. If this opposes the needs of the lawyers so be it. The senior management of the police are not career diplomats, they are not nor should be, civil servants, they are not part of the elite bureaucracy, they are officers of the crown. The pathway to becoming a senior police officer, must be by doing good police work, prevention of crime and detection of criminals. It must stop being about academic qualification and the number of courses attended. Police work is principally about communication with people, you can not learn this from a university course. You certainly can not learn about people, by studying with politically correct liberal left lecturers at a university that is disconnected from the public.

Universities need to return to being establishments who encourage learning among those gifted with the power and intellect to do so. They have used influence to change their role so they now take over the formative years of huge numbers of students, who are encouraged to obtain meaningless degrees in subjects with very little real world use. The student is encouraged to think any form of university degree is a good thing but those behind this confidence trick know full well that the end degree will not be much benefit to the student. What is of benefit to the elite, not the student or the public, is the opportunity to immerse the student in political ideology, to divert the student from rational questioning of political dogma and to alienate the student from the real world of their parents. The refusal to allow alternative views, the demands that the majority be overthrown to support a minority view, are not accidental products of education; they are calculated attempts to subvert and destroy democracy. If the education system is not a tool of politically motivated people, why do they refuse to allow students to study all aspects of history and all aspects of political thought? not just the ones chosen as complying with the liberal left agenda. An agenda that is calculated to gradually steer the future “intellectual” away from democracy and into the wilderness of political extremism. The production line of teachers to primary and secondary levels of general education, is being managed by universities who have political dogma embedded in their curriculum. This is no accident.

How can democracy escape from this plot against itself, without destroying the principles which underpin its existence? There are probably several clever ideas which may work, one of the more obvious is to demand that those who manage and control the education system and the police, have real life experience in other spheres of human activity. Five years served in the military would be a good basis. All teachers should have at least 3 years non academic experience. Advancement of police officers to be by actual experience and results in the real world of street policing, including the detection and conviction of criminals. University lecturers to only be appointed if they have at least 5 years non academic real world experience. Advancement in governmental bureaucracies to similarly demand real world experience , not just bureaucratic skills.


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