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By Michael BlairPublished 7 years ago 3 min read
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Progress is defined as moving forward with some success.

We appear to be moving backwards toward failure.

I thought the era of serfs and masters had been long confined to the dust annals of history, but from what I've seen lately, this is pretty much the direction in which we are being taken.

We now see an ever widening chasm between the 'have everything' and the 'don't have much of anything.'

The middle ground which was what most working people aspired to, has all but disappeared.

The few people who try to hold this middle ground are now having to work longer and longer hours just to move backwards more slowly.

There is an almost palpable air of desperation amongst them.

More wine, etcetera, is being consumed to try to blot out the never ending grind of providing for one's family.

Gambling online has skyrocketed, as more and more people try to get the extra few pounds/dollars needed to stretch their budget further.

Of course, this can only have one outcome, and that is complete financial meltdown. Separation and divorce are usually not far behind, and another casualty of corporate greed bites the dust.

Since the gambling industry was deregulated by Tony Blair's twisted New Labour government, the rate at which people need financial rescue by Citizens Advice Bureax, has been phenomenal.

This was designed purely to trap more vulnerable and the soon to be vulnerable people into poverty and force them to rely on Social Security benefits and thus become more easily manipulated.

The very poor have little desire to fight the system, so that's another section of society that government have under control and who therefore pose no threat.

You think I'm being cynical?

Take a look around your local area, (not you Mr. T Blair) and see the fake smiles and utter desperation of people driven closer to the edge by successive governments of all political persuasions.

The instances of "middle class" shoplifting has soared, as families desperate for food take risks and break the law in order to survive another few days.

Heroin addicts are stealing meat from supermarkets to sell cheap to these people.

In any society, this would be unacceptable, but this is in a "first world" country, which boasts about being the fifth wealthiest on the planet.

The general population shouldn't have to stoop to theft and buying stolen legs of lamb from some saggy arsed drug addict.

The political leaders who have been responsible for this revolting state of affairs, which has been deliberately engineered, have no idea what it is like to live hand to mouth and to go without food just to make sure their children are fed.

I can remember when a millionaire was a rich man/woman, but a million is now pocket change to some people.

Now, figures longer than telephone numbers are talked about in the media as if it were nothing out of the ordinary.

This is madness on a grand scale!

An all-out assault is being orchestrated on the very people who keep these parasites in enormous mansions and gold plated toilet paper!

There is only one way of bringing some sanity to the party before we are consumed and spat out like apple pips.

A worldwide strike.

This would be extremely difficult to put into effect, but can you imagine the result?

While I work out the details, talk to your friends and colleagues and see how they respond.

It would be like stepping off a cliff without any idea of what lies below, but at some point, we have to take the chance before we reach the point of no return.

The people have to regain control of their own lives and communities.

The political leaders are only interested in pleasing their paymasters, not in the people who voted them into office.

This is the time for honesty and action.

Not prevarication or fear!

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About the Creator

Michael Blair

I'm a medically retired grumpy Scotsman with a good sense of the ridiculous. I write some political satire and some more serious pieces. I'm here to wake people up!

On twitter I'm @mmjblair and email me at [email protected]

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