Parkland, Florida Shooting Analyzation

What's going on and what are the signs?

Parkland, Florida Shooting Analyzation

Another school shooting has happened, a tragedy that could of easily been avoided, and no, not by enforcing gun control.

I want to bring attention to some facts and strange behaviors that are being overlooked, hopefully to enlighten others to a better understanding of what is going on.

Nobody was listening, nobody was paying attention, and nobody cared.

After the Parkland, Florida shooting, Trump posted a tweet speaking of how the FBI was notified and warned about the prosecutor Nikolas Cruz long before the event happened and yet nothing was done about it. That they were too caught up in trying to bring up dirt on Trump to care. Now, most people automatically assumed that what he said should be taken with a grain of salt, and saw opportunity to shit on him and claim that he is egotistical for saying such things. Even David Hogg, who witnessed the shooting and whose father was in the FBI commented on how disgusting it was. Well, if people actually did a little research instead they would find out that what he said actually has a lot of truth to it.

Now let's back up a little bit.

There's been a lot of serious activity going on that has gotten little media attention. Why is this? Well let's take a look. Recently a FISA Memo was released, which revealed as news for some, but many of us that had been paying attention for some time already knew that this was going on. This memo brought attention to the fact that the Clinton Foundation, Obama Administration, FBI and Doj have been working together to fabricate false allegations against Trump and it doesn't end there. Countless powerful and influential people have been working together with Hillary to manipulate other's perception on Trump and various happenings to further their personal agendas. Did you know That CNN and FOX News are Hillary's 7th and 9th biggest campaign donors? They don't talk about that. They don't talk about a lot of things. Only what they want to bring attention to. If the President of the United States is against their agendas then of course they are going to view him as a huge threat and do anything in their power to discredit him. If you believe Trump is one of the worst presidents we've ever had, then you've been listening to these people: the ones who control the media.

The FBI was made aware of this shooter long before the school shooting happened and many of the kids at the school had an decent idea that this kid was off and could potentially shoot up the school. Yet nothing was done even after he was reported to the FBI after posting about wanting to be a school shooter. But none of the adults paid attention to his behavior, nobody listened to him and people didn't care enough.

Now let's look at some of the odd activity and behaviors that's been going on surrounding this event. What's the first thing everyone starts talking about when shootings happen? Gun control. How much we really need gun control. It is a little odd that the media pushes this idea so quickly, especially when a boy like David Hogg pulls out his camera during the active school shooting and starts asking people what they think about gun control and if they think we need more regulations. I think most people would be a little more sensitive to their environment and how people are doing during such a scary situation. This 17 year old boy was also on the news during a vacation in California where camera men video taped him and his friend during a scene where one of the lifeguard's at the beach asks David's friend to take his surfboard off an nearby trash can and they end up getting into an argument about it. This is a little bit of an bizarre story as it holds little importance to anything going on in the world. This raises the question as to what connections must of this kid had to of been shown on a major news network like that? A video shortly surfaced on the internet after this shooting revealing that David Hogg was nervously trying to remember his lines for an interview while showing clear signs of lying and showing no distraught over the tragedy. This video went viral and and many people started pointing out some odd behavior surrounding the event. Then over night YouTube and Facebook went on a mass purge of the video and deleted many people's post about the shooting on Facebook. YouTube flagged the video under "harassment and bullying."

Do they really think we are all stupid enough not to recognize basic human behavior? Why would they go through the effort to purge the video so quickly and why would Facebook delete all our posts if they weren't trying to bury something? Why are they so adamant on promoting gun control yet show no real effort for trying to enforce it? Why are they using children to carry out these agendas? And why do they take every opportunity to trash Trump and discredit him?

These are some very important questions and I'd like people to think about them. This isn't the only shooting tied to bizarre behavior that we haven't even scratched the surface on, but I will be writing more about that another time. It is time for us to start waking up and finding ourselves again and continue to grow, learning and loving everyday. Thank you for reading this and let me know your thoughts.

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