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by Dr. Williams 11 months ago in humanity

The Surging Pandemic

In the years leading up to the Great Pandemic the world was already poised for the tempests that would sweep across the globe. The sheer magnitude of human suffering was already amplifying the tragedies that are playing out today. With malice intent and by shroud manipulation by the power structure of the world have always had deaf ears to the cries of the impoverished multitudes.

As this Pandemic rages on with hope diminishing millions see no light at the end of the tunnel to the conflicts beset upon mankind. When millions look for any reprieve not only from this deadly virus but from years of oppressive economic policies their cries remain unanswered. And if by chance government does come through with a pittance of relief they offer too little and they are always too late in their efforts. Now, with this mad rush to concoct a vaccine, a magical silver bullet to cure and prevent this lone virus is a money game played not for the publics well being but for profit.

The quickness to push an unproven cure on the public even as we continue to try fend off this dreaded disease, this so called race to find a cure has serious flaws. From what we know this experimental drug or drugs the side effects are almost as bad as the disease itself. Vaccines for many of the other infectious diseases took years to develop. For, they have gained the publics trust, stood the test of time and virtually eradicated the diseases they were intended to cure. But, with so much money at stake questions need to be asked. Why weren't the proper protocols put in place at the onset, why wasn't the public educated on the ways that this virus spreads and why weren't safety measures implemented and enforced? If we had done these things this virus much like the flu would never have gotten to reach the magnitude it now has.

The world today is run by infamous characters who show little remorse or empathy toward the poor humble masses of humanity. As millions continue to suffer by the injustices of the ruling elite and the bumbling of the Trump Administration this pandemic shows no sign of abating. The lack of accountability of our elected officials to the general public is a shameful disgrace. As long as the Republican party controls the purse string the general public will always be left out in the cold. Their inactions of this past year is nothing short of unconscionable.

All over the world the scourge of Covid-19 surges. In the past year there has already been mutations of this virus. Now, when the proposed vaccine is available it just might not prove effective at all. The medical and scientific community have already issued safety protocols that when followed would be the best ways to stop the spread of Covid-19. Yet in the United states we have half the population either ignorant, ignoring, of dispute the legitimacy that the safety protocols or mandates are effective. And that is a very sad commentary for our society. As a result we are witnessing a acceleration in all fronts of the spread of Covid-19.

We must remember that there wasn't a magical cure for the Influenza Pandemic of 1918. The flu virus then is spread the same way Covid-19 is spread today. The only difference is that the Covid-19 virus is far more potent and potentially more deadly than the flu is and was back in 1918. If we fail to abide by the set protocols and defy the mandates set by the medical and scientific community this disease will continue to ravage our society and our economy at a time when the world is already facing dire living conditions.

The United States government under Trump has been most ineffective, incompetent, and ignorant in turning the tide of not only Covid-19 but the abominable living conditions for millions that has only encouraged the spread of infectious disease. If President-elect Biden fails in convincing the rest of the public that the surest way to stop this spread of Covid-19 and the flu is by adhering to the safety protocols and mandates that are already in place the spread will only continue. More people will die and our whole economy will transport more people into a cycle of poverty in which they may never recover. We must rid ourselves of the complacency and ignorance in regards of any and all infectious disease. We can not rely on just a vaccine we all have to do are part to slow the spread of this deadly virus.


Dr. Williams

A PhD in Economics. Author of National Economic Reform's Ten Articles of Confederation.

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Dr. Williams
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