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by Jeannie about a year ago in opinion


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Opinions vary-s0 they say. It's great to have a different opinion than the mainstream. This is what make's the world so diverse. If we all had the same opinion, think how boring that would be? Picture all of humanity conformed to thinking the same exact thoughts over and over again???

I have to admit, it took me a long time to become open minded, and to respect other people's opinion-even when I do not agree with them. This includes family members who are polar opposites than me. I have learned that, my family members will continue to argue/debate/scold me on why my opinions are the way they are. I, on the other hand, brush aside their criticisms and let sleeping dogs be.

On a social media platform, when I've stated my opinion which happened to be a fact (thing that is known or proved to be true), personal attacks were being thrown at me like daggers. I mean, how can you say such things about me, when you do not know me? I was branded as an uneducated, in a low-paying job and unhappy with my life; however, those daggers thrown at me were-you guessed it-ALL FALSE. I'm a college graduate with a Bachelor's degree, currently employed in a wonderful profession, own a house, and happily married with two beautiful children. Basically, a nuclear family. These types of people are closed minded; they're not willing to hear and accept other people opinions/ideas/ facts that do not conform to their way of thinking. They claim to be peaceful and accepting of everybody, which is extremely contrarian, by their actions and words. If you think I'm wrong, watch your local and national news stations, and see the destruction in our communities.

I cannot claim to know what is going on in other people's minds, but I can claim and state what is going on in my mind. I, for one, am accepting of everybody. I do not see gender, race, or ethnicity, I see people. People who are breathing the same air as I do. People who have blood rushing through their veins as I do. If we open our minds and hearts, we can accomplish anything.

I am only one person, but can one person change the world? Perhaps. I'm raising my children to be good people. I tell them, be kind to everybody-as you never know what that other person is dealing with in their personal lives; do not brag about what you have or are getting for birthdays, Christmas, etc.- as other children may be wondering when they will be receiving their next hot meal or have a warm bed to sleep in. Kindness is contagious. It will breed followers- regardless of their ideals.

My wish is for people to look deep into their souls and listen; Listen to what your heart and soul are saying, and not the masses that are telling you what and how to think. This can be accomplished. Listen!

As I it here writing my first story for Vocal, I feel good. I expressed my thoughts and cleansed my soul. Remember, we are ALL humans that have different views, opinions, etc, but we ALL breathe the same air and have blood rushing through our veins. Let's try to be accepting of the other person's views and not act in manner that's is destructive. I firmly believe, we can do this. It takes one person to lead, and let that person be you. Be the change! You will be not alone, as I will be there in spirit.



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