Open Letter to the Media

by Edward Anderson 2 years ago in trump

Let’s stop giving Trump attention.

Open Letter to the Media

To Fellow Members of the Media:

There is an issue that can no longer be ignored. It’s not that Susan Lucci isn’t the Oscar-Winner that she should be, though that is an issue for another day, the issue lies in the White House. Unfortunately, that was an unintended pun. Trump has many Americans believing that every news source that reports negatively on him is fake news. How can we solve this problem?

Every time a news source reports facts that Trump doesn’t like, he labels them as “fake news” or “failing.” Examples are plentiful, but most recently Kirstjen Nielsen told her Twitter followers, “We do not have a policy of separating families at the border. Period.” This despite the fact that there were actual pictures of children being separated from their families because of Trump’s zero tolerance policy. However, it’s the media’s fault for reporting the story. In fact, Gayle King of CBS News reported that Trump’s administration called them to say they were uncomfortable with them using the word “cages” in their report. They admitted that it was accurate but they were uncomfortable with the characterization.

That needs to sink in for a second. They didn’t say it was wrong or try to refute the report, they never do, they’re just not comfortable with how they’ll be perceived by the public when it’s learned that they are putting children in cages. That’s the big thing with Trump and his cronies, they don’t care about people, they only care how about they are viewed by people. They’ll do the right thing, but only if there is enough public pressure for them to do so.

On June 21, 2018, Melania Trump went to see the children that her husband is keeping in cages. She was photographed wearing a jacket with the words “I really don’t care. Do U?” Of course she doesn’t care about immigration, she married to get into, stay in, and move her parents to the country. Plus she’s White, so her husband wouldn’t care if she were to come into the country legally or otherwise. If she were a person of color, then maybe she’d care. When he was asked about it, the Racist-in-Chief said that it was a message to the “lying media.”

So instead of giving him the attention that he craves, and make no mistake his ego craves seeing his name in the headlines, let’s ignore him. Don’t give him the coverage that he feels that he is owed. Instead, let’s focus on issues and stories that deserve to be covered. Will it be easy, no? But maybe, just maybe, once he’s not getting the attention that he wants, he’ll stop with the fake news tantrum.

Sure, there’s Fox News, which simultaneously sucks his dick and licks his ass, but there’s nothing we can do about the propaganda machine. They’re so fringe; they’re basically InfoWars on TV. No matter what they say, it’s met with skepticism, except by those that have been brainwashed by the talking heads that read whatever Trump has written for them to say that day. If anyone of them had half a brain cell, it would be scary.

However, fellow members of the media, we see what’s happening. We know what path his country is on, and if we stop giving Trump the attention that he needs to survive, then we could start making our way back to the country that we used to be. It won’t be easy, that’s a given. But maybe it’s what needs to happen. There are world leaders who are trying to do good, give them the airtime that Trump takes up with his dictator-esque antics.

It’ll be especially sweet to see him squirming next year when he ramps up his re-election campaign. Can you imagine what he’ll do to get coverage? Maybe he’ll actually admit that the media isn’t as dishonest as he has tried to paint them, maybe he’ll admit that he’s been a bad leader and wasn’t qualified for the job. He won’t but one can dream, right? This is still America… For now.


Edward Anderson

Edward Anderson
Edward Anderson
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