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The story of the rise of Facist America and the beginning of the opposition.

By Megan BradfordPublished 7 years ago 3 min read
Original Art by Drew Bradford

As of the day I initially started this article and the day I chose to complete it, this situation in the great country I live in has gone so many ways. The country has gone in circles as our supposed leader has destroyed everything America stands for.

We began with the construct of the Great Wall of Racism being ordered via an executive order signed and created by our lowest approval rated president. This began a stream of lies, racism, and unconstitutional decisions he made, which seem carefully chosen to piss off the approximately 70-75% of the country that did not vote for him.

Following his decision to move forward with the wall amid protest, the GOP leaders chose to follow their great orange leader. As the march on our rights continued he followed up with a statement on National Holocaust Remembrance day that was void of any mention of the struggles of the Jewish religion and their persecution. A bland statement meant to attempt to sound nice, right before he began his own first steps to Nazi-America. That evening he signed away the lives of millions of people by banning immigration from seven countries and halting even those on visas. Some of the greatest minds in our country and the newest members of our great society were then locked in an airport and forced to answer questions regarding Supreme Leader Trump. Their social media was to be reviewed and they were to be detained until further notice, possibly deported.

Obviously as Americans, that did not sit well with the majority against the Supreme Leader. This led to protests in and around airports all over the country. The ACLU was able to help people get released from airports around the country, but the progress took several days as some locations chose to overlook the court ruling. Eventually even those airports attempting to uphold the Supreme Leader's demands through his pen.

Now that I am continuing this article after a short break, I'd like to say I am glad we are taking steps in the right direction. I am continuing this article another several days into the ban, and that's after it has been destroyed in the media. Very few Americans were shown in support of it, as more cases were filed across the country. On February 3rd a U.S. District Judge James L. Robart, of Washington State put a temporary halt on the travel ban. This fully lifted the executive order allowing travel to begin as usual. Unfortunately the White House has already attempted to stop it, with it's first request getting denied early February 5th. The earliest they can change the judge's decision and reenact the ban is tomorrow as of me writing this.

I felt now was the time to post my article to say #NoBanNoWall.

This is racism.

This is not what America was built on. We were made to be a beautiful melting pot.

This is unfair as us as Americans that want to continually have a flow of new culture to learn about.

This is unfair to those wanting to live the American dream.

This is against the Constitution we fight so hard to protect.

That is my view of what this new Dictator Donald has done to our country.

He is the most unAmerican man I've ever seen.

We must continue to resist him and voice our opinions. Let it be known it is not just the media. It is the people who support our constitution and the American freedoms it entails

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