No One Cares About Trump's Affairs

by Michael Thielmann 2 years ago in trump

The Folly of Politicizing Moral Shortcomings

No One Cares About Trump's Affairs

I want to draw a very clear distinction between issues of morality and issues of legality as it pertains to the most publicized human being in modern history.

If there is evidence and proof beyond a reasonable doubt that President Trump has committed a sexual crime of any kind he needs to be held accountable, just like previous presidents such as Bill Clinton.

In the meantime, we have a desperate media attempting to discredit the president by any means necessary. When Russian collusion narratives fail, only a consensual affair with a porn star over a decade ago can pick up the slack.

If the media and the Democrats want to succeed in getting his supporters off of the "Trump Train" they need to create narratives that directly pertain to his actions as president, here and now. They also need to learn how to be intellectually honest with their viewers and not take his statements out of context and draw false conclusions.

Everyone already knew Donald Trump was a womanizer. People voted for him because they liked his policies, his lack of politically correct rhetoric, and the fact that his campaign was fueled by a positive message of national unity and economic recovery.

In short, Trump's affairs and poor choices are not really our business, unless there is clear evidence of laws being broken. Dragging the public through a media soap opera that seems to only get more vague eventually creates the opposite of the effect that is intended.

It is very easy on an intellectual level to believe that Trump is a horrible human being on par with the likes of Hitler or Stalin. It is much harder to prove these types of claims with reason and evidence.

On the other hand, there is no need to prove that the president has behaved like a billionaire playboy. That is already self-evident to both his supporters and his opponents. This is a moral shortcoming of Donald Trump and countless other rich and powerful individuals.

Unless he is having a Lewinsky-esque type affair as the current president or we can prove that he committed actual sexual crimes it seems more prudent to focus on the Trump administration's present conduct.

The bar of sexuality morality needs to be the same all across the board and not used as a political weapon. The law needs to be applied equally and justly to all who hold public office as well as all citizens.

For example, if Joe Biden ends up running in 2020 one can be sure that his political opponents will be sharing videos and images similar to the one linked above.

In the meantime, humanity needs to check its moral barometer on a regular basis. We can't afford to fall into double standards when it comes to public figures and sexual misconduct.

At the same time, we have to make nuanced distinctions between boorish behavior that we can condemn morally and actual lawbreaking behavior that warrants impeachment, prosecution or other interventions.

In regards to the 45th President, there are legions of people in every arena doing everything they can to discredit him and remove him from office.

We can rest assured that if there is truly an impeachable infraction to be found, we will all be the first to know about it.

In the meantime, each of us as individuals can address things on a very micro level. Are we living up to the moral standards we wish to see in public officials and celebrities? Do we treat ourselves and others with honor, decency and hold ourselves to a high level of integrity?

Ultimately, those on the public stage are meant to merely be mirrors for our own minds, hearts and souls. Counselors like myself can do nothing about presidents, prime ministers, or priests. We relish in helping individuals and families on a real, human level so that the positive changes we impart can ripple outward into society as a whole.

Michael Thielmann
Michael Thielmann
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