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Assessing the First Trump Term; and Future Steps for Social Conservatives

By Samir M GoradiaPublished 3 years ago 4 min read
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With the results of the 2020 American Elections beginning to solidify, I wanted to take a moment to review the developments over the past four years with regards to the agenda of Social Conservatives. Overall, I would say the Donald Trump's success in advancing the Social Conservative Agenda was the greatest in my lifetime.

While Ronald Reagan was the previous standard-bearer of Republican Party idolization, he was most well remembered for ending the Cold War with Russia. While much of our news during the past four years involved conflict issues with China and the Middle East, the first Trump Term is notable particularly for its advancement for the Christian Right Agenda.

Additionally, his is the best placed politician to end the Cold War with China, even if his second term begins in 2024.

Part of the progress that was made involved gains in the Supreme Court and in Congress; the other part, which I wanted to discuss here, was in the clarification of our overall agenda based on founding principles of Free Markets, Faith, and Justice.

Finally, I wanted to make a few comments on the overall leadership structure of the Republican Party, assuming the peaceful transition to President-elect Biden.

State of the Social Conservative Movement 2020

Social Conservatives overall should consider the past four years, despite the horrors and turmoil, to be an overall success. President Trump was able to confirm 3 Supreme Court Justices who support Religious Freedom; the results of the Congressional Elections clearly favored the Republican Party; and we were able to determine which of us endured through the end to remain loyal to our values.

Yet, we also gained a lot of insight into some hypocrisies in our message:

-- At this point, I would revert to the purpose of money itself as the last hope of the wandering traveler or the unjustly oppressed.

While Quarantine living has resulted in smaller communities, which have innumerable ways to feed, clothe, and house its residents; without money, there is no safety from the vulgar animalistic tendencies of the bloodthirsty.

Additionally, I now see the value of Capitalism strictly in the Bain Capital way: to identify weak links in our overall economy, where complacency reigns.

In terms of the focus on Marriage and Family, we must be careful as to push a value judgment in favor of this particular lifestyle. Some of the most important members of our movement, including Jesus himself, were just unable to have the privilege of devoting their lives to the raising of their own children.

Jesus, for example, was tasked to raise a whole generation of children in the Holy Land, without giving any special attention to hypothetical children of his own. The aggrandizement in the Republican Family of the "Traditional Family" falls in conflict with the instructions of Jesus to his own Apostles, who were asked to never get married.

The result has been a "gossip girl" democracy where no profit can be made without the fall of our icons and heroes.

Another step forward for Republicanism has been the clear distinction between the two parties in the faith debates. The Democratic Party essentially now self-describes as some form of "atheist".

It is not for me to evaluate whether any Democrats can validly switch over to the Republican Party at this time, in the context of a clearly divided nation. I would say that faith is the most enduring characteristic of the Republican Party at this time.

Faith studies also tie in substantially to "Law and Order" issues; but only to the extent that we should be concerned about those amongst us that feel that they are altogether above the laws, or who live in a Hobbesian Jungle, rather than a world with enforceable codes.

In terms understandable to Christian Conservatives, I'm sure they are aware that the God of Abraham and Moses offers Grace (or mercy) to violate the law (beginning with the Ten Commandments), as long as they don't reject the system of laws altogether, which would amount to a rejection of God himeself.

Even there, the Christian Conservative movement remains willing and able to evangelize to "lost sheep" Democrats of Trump and Reagan, through the "Second Chance" offered only through Jesus.

I include this religious content only because it is central to the divide between the two political parties, and my argument here is to always finds paths to "build the bridges" beteen parties, rather than closing the door and building walls which would only result in more explosive battles in the future.

For example, during the Trump Term, much of our public discourse has centered around accusations of personal conduct violations, which even the President needs to agreeably resolve from his life before he joined the Republican Party.

Yet, my studies during the past four years indicate that the traditional family structure, which rejects the rights of the community to comment on the marital relations or the upbringing of one's children, is only an invitation for domestic violence and child abuse, including child neglect.

So, the major task of Christian Conservatives during the next four years is to re-frame their message to rid our half of the country of the family life hypocrisies that violate our faith and strengthen our adversaries.

As far as the leadership of the Republican Party, I still see the Trump-Pence tandem leading our half of America; with real expectations that Congressman Kevin McCarthy will be the Speaker of the House in 2022.

So, my best advice for President Trump is to spend some of his free time resolving outstanding personal legal issues; and continue without rest toward the 2024 Presidential Elections.


About the Creator

Samir M Goradia

Samir Goradia grew up in Queens, New York, and attended The Bronx High School of Science/

He resides in Bakersfield, California, where he is involved in the transition to Commercial Space Travel; and also disaster relief with FEMA.

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