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My Presidential Campaign part Infinite

by Ferrari King 2 months ago in opinion

Make America Smarter and Better

Before I start, I realize I have no chance of winning since you need to be in the pockets of mega donors. It is true I did not get the best grades in college and had to repeat a few classes since science is very difficult. Psychology and Abnormal Psychology were easy. They do not compare to the major sciences such as Biology (my major), chemistry, physics, mathematics, engineering and many more. I have stated before that if your major has the word studies in it then it is not a real major and I still stand by that but I need to clarify something: if the class you are taking has the word studies in it then that is fine and if that contradicts anything I said before then what I say now stands.

I am a registered Republican but will run as an independent. I became a Republican a long time ago and I have learned to never join any group or organization based on ideology or religion. Think about it, if you are reading this then you have read about or know about the Capitol insurrection and coup attempt by right wingers and you see how the media is blasting that everywhere. Now people that are right wind, conservative or Republican have to distance themselves or keep licking each other's boots. They forget that the media only turns a blind eye to leftist violence which leftist must ignore much like the far right must ignore their own violent members. Rember the leftist such as Antifa and BLM burning down cities, attacking state capitals, punched the Portland or Seattle mayor (I get them confused) and of course attacking the elderly. The left must pretend that does not happen whereas the right have to do the same for their horrid member since it is the horrid people that others remember, and this includes feminists and many others. Best not to align with any group.

Now to my Presidential stuff that will never happen and yes, I may have mentioned some of this before. Breakfast and Lunch will be free for all students. Students in poorer schools will be able to take home dinner for themselves and 2 other people. Instead of cutting funding to poorer schools and busing students out I will increase funding and allow them to get better equipment. I will hire a Secretary of Education that will listen to the teachers, parents and students at failing schools to find out what needs to be done to help. Black and Native American history will be taught and books such as Stamped from the Beginning will be mandatory reading. Other books such as Just Mercy and many others by African Americans will be on reading lists for students to read. They will also learn about the Crusades as well as learn about major religions as well a atheism. They will learn their creation myths, end of the world myths, much more. Some of the religion they will learn besides Judaism, Islam and Christianity will be both Greek and Nordic mythology as well as Eastern Religions and Native American Religions.

We will increase funding to HBCUs (historically black colleges/Universities). Remember anyone can attend these colleges and universities. Although I plan to improve the infrastructure of the entire country we will focus on poor neighborhoods: better roads and traffic devices, lighted streets, improve the quality of the homes in these poor neighborhoods by building them up and teaching the residents maintenance skills.

Money will be allocated to recruit people from poor neighborhoods into the police force. The police will learn to walk these streets and interact with the people as well as improve their listening skills.

Obviously, I have no chance of winning and only the wealthy will win and nothing will ever chance since those wealthy folks are out of tough and have no idea what it is like to be poor. Please read my other articles, especially about my Presidency and watch my YouTube videos and subscribe to my YouTube gaming channel.

Ferrari King
Ferrari King
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Ferrari King

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