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by Mark Riley 4 years ago in politics

What They Are and What We Should Do About It

An accurate representation of the current political climate, no?

For one thing, yes, I believe that the above image is definitely the most accurate representation of our current political climate: a random mess of insanity. Even though I do have a somewhat dark view of politics, I believe that there is hope in both the political and justice realms. In fact, if we do it right, there is hope to be found and the people to be served justly.

Firstly, and let's face it: the current taxes situation seems to favor the rich, and not everybody is taxed equally. There's that and the fact that our taxes aren't really going to the right programs. In order to remedy this, I think the rich class should be taxed higher than the lower class, since the lower class definitely needs to hold on to their money more and the rich should be taxed more heavily, since they have more money to spend things on anyways. Also, like the Netherlands, we should be spending things that more benefit the people, like programs that bring together communities and stuff like that. Speaking of money, I think like Finland we should be basing speeding tickets on one's income, which goes into another thing I shall mention later in this article.

Secondly, there is the housing situation. Some people just want something to live in really, but they can't afford it, and I think housing should just be cheaper so anyone can afford it. Heck, you can even live in Thailand for less (around $1500/month) than it costs to live here in the USA. It is kind of insane that there is a minimum wage in this country that's supposed to be an average living salary, but that minimum wage isn't enough to afford a decent living! Crazy, isn't it?

Speaking of minimum wage, I think we should fix that too. I have learned that it is not really possible to determine an entire country's minimum wage, thus we should leave it to a town-by-town or city-by-city basis when it comes to minimum wage and leave it to those cities and towns. It really does make sense once you think about it.

Since I mentioned it earlier, what we should really be working on is the justice system. There are a million things wrong with it in this country, but one thing is the traffic ticketing system, such as speeding. Sometimes it's cheap, sometimes expensive, and to be honest, it seems kind of unstable. Thus, we should adopt a system similar to Finland's where it depends on your income and that leads to a safer environment, since no one wants give the big chunk of the income that Finland takes when it comes to speeding tickets. Also, I think celebrities should serve their time no matter what. Sure, they're rich and all and have enough money to get off easily, but at the same time, though, if it's a horrific crime, such as child molesting, they should get rehabilitation while in jail. That's another thing that's wrong, as well, that we put all these criminals in cages, but we do nothing to even remotely try and fix their behaviors, so they come out and do the same thing all over again. It's insanity that this happens, but more often that not, it does.

Well, all I have to say that is no government is entirely perfect, but we can try and fix the things that need fixing, and that's my two cents.


Mark Riley

I am a creative person who loves to make people think about things.

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