My 2024 Presidential Bid part 2

by Ferrari King 17 days ago in satire

I will be the best President ever

I hope you decide to watch all my videos of me running for President. It is not to be taken seriously but if by some great miracle I were to ever win then I would take the job seriously. This is meant to be forever 4 years not just 2024. Please read part 1 to this.

One of the things I have noticed is people that are always angry, I mean these creatures wake up angry, tend to be nastiest to people on the job or when they are in groups. As President. It will be a felony to attack a person on the job, especially retail and restaurant workers. Also, these employees will have federal job protection. If they protect themselves from assault they cannot be fired and they nor their place of employment can be sued. If you fight a person on the job you cannot sue and you are responsible for your own and their medical bills.

People making minimum wage will be able to take sick leave and this will include part time employees. Also, I will increase the minimum wage. I cannot say how much until I talk to experts, but it is time. They will also get holiday pay. Many low paying jobs already do this, but it will be a guarantee to all employees.

As I mentioned in part 1 to this article, colleges and universities will be required to offer due process and civil rights to all students. It will be a part of their accreditation and they will have their accreditation pulled if they do not offer due process. A student should not be required to go to the administrative office without knowing what charges are levied against them, the witnesses and a way to defend themselves. If a student is unfortunate enough to live on campus, they are at higher risk of being screwed over. They may not know what their dorm mates are doing, since they could be asleep, in their own rooms, at work, in class or who knows. They have a right to know who is accusing them and why. They have a right to know the evidence against them. I am sure the people against due process will suddenly be for it if they are the ones falsely accused.

As we are seeing at the time of this writing, September 9, 2020, there are riots and looting going on. Many of those looters and rioters claim, insurance will take care of the damages, although that Is not true. Many do not seem to care that they are putting people out of work. Those people need their jobs. The media seems to basically ignore what is going on and they all seem to only care about their agenda and ideology. As President I will call out the bias in the media, no matter their ideology. I will charge them to do better and make sure the American people know when their news is biased. As for the rioters, well I will talk to experts. Yes, I know but would you rather for me to just make things worse? I will make rioting and looting a federal offence if it is not already and it will be punishable to up to 10 years in a federal prison. They will have to repay for all the damages.

Sexual assault will be punishable by no less than 15 years in prison. If violence was used or a weapon, then they will receive no less than 25 years and no parole. If death occurs, then they get automatic death penalty in states with the death penalty and life in prison with no hope of parole in states without the death penalty. I will also provide much more funds to states so they can get through the backlog of tehir kits and test them. They will be able to hire more testers.

If you watch my videos under my 2024 Presidential playlist you will get a better idea what I plan. I hope you decide to stop by and subscribe to my YouTube gaming channel.

Ferrari King
Ferrari King
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