My 2024 Presidential Bid continued

by Ferrari King 3 days ago in satire

Yes, more of this nonsense

As you know by now and if you don’t please read my last 2 stories about my 2024 President, I am running for President in 2024 and every 4 years after that. Yes, this is a joke, but I will take my duties seriously if elected. At least I have a degree in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, and understand science, evidence and much more. I have no money to run and you need money sadly, which is why we have bad politicians. You can also watch my Presidential videos on my YouTube channel. Let’s get this party started.

I do not believe in regulations but there is one business that needs to be regulated since they have proven to be horrid. They have a lot of employees so it can be tough for the anyone to keep track of others and that business is the banks. First, overdraft fees will be gone. I will pass a bill forcing banks to not let purchases to go through that would result in an overdraft fee. Next, we will do something about credit card interest rates. If a person misses a payment in a given year, they should not have their rates go up and the credit slammed.

As President I will also do something about all those 401K fees that providers charge. Also, not only will banks be better regulated but so will brokerage firms. Banks will no longer be allowed to open accounts in their customers name without severing prison time for fraud. A lot of people think they can tax wealth which makes no sense. Your wealth is what you credits minus your debits or what you owe vs what you have. Net worth is the value of everything you own including investments. Saying you're going to tax these is just ridiculous and politicians say it because, in my opinion, they just want your vote. The government cannot tax you for what is in your wallet, in your bank account, the amount your house is worth or the money you have invested unless you withdraw that money. Please stop listening to these people that say to tax wealth. The politicians and the media that program you to think this way may not be on your side. Remember those talking heads on TV and radio are employees trying to make their news organization money just like brokers are employees of brokerage firms. They may care about you but at the end of the day they must make money for their employers. Please read the books I recommended on building wealth.

Although I do mention this in my Presidential videos, but I will decriminalize, not legalize all drugs. Marijuana and prostitution will be legal. The latter will be regulated to ensure safety. Also, once a person leaves prison all their rights will be restored, including voting rights. Employers will not be able to discriminate against a person who has served their time. Of course, a bank will not have to hire a bank robber. Law enforcement, schools and very few other professions may be selective in the ex-cons they hire.

I will speak to people in minority communities, not just the leaders and find out what they feel must be changed. Therefore, I feel financial literacy is important and please read my stories on financial literacy.

I will increase spending on education and science. I also, believe in a strong military but I also believe the European Union should pay more for their defense and not rely on us. I also, believe with aggressive investment strategies we can tackle the national debt that Obama and Trump gave us.

Please check out my YouTube gaming channel and remember me in 2024.

Ferrari King
Ferrari King
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