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Must Read Books About American Presidents

If you're a history buff who loves US history or you want to learn more information about the government, you should pick up must read books about American presidents.

By Jessica HerringPublished 7 years ago • 4 min read

If you are interested in learning more history about the United States, then I recommend you get these must read books about American presidents. These books will allow you to go back in history and understand the lives of each of these presidents. You will be able to learn about the strengths and weaknesses of each of these presidents and their personal lives.

This biography about George Washington won a Pulitzer Prize in 2011. Washington: A Life is one of the must read books about American presidents because it displays the wonderful achievements of the first US president. In addition, it shows how he helped to shape our nation and how he was an honest man with strong moral principles. This book allows readers to understand what George Washington thinks about the country and life in general.

This biography about John Adams is very inspirational and allows you to look deeper into his life. He is commonly associated with being one of the voices of the Revolution. In addition, he was a part of the First Continental Congress and he chose George Washington to be in charge of the Continental Army. After reading John Adams, you will have a new found love for President Adams.

Lincoln, a biography of Abraham Lincoln, is one of the must read books about American presidents. It goes into detail about his life as president as well as describes his personal life and the struggles he faced. The monumental event in his presidency is the Civil War. This book deals with the big issue of whether the country wants peace or war. Also, Abraham Lincoln faced issues regarding slavery. The book has an emotional ending by describing the moment the president was assassinated.

The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt delves into the early life of Theodore Roosevelt and how he grew up in New York City and was sick at a young age. Also, this Pulitzer Prize book takes readers on the journey to how he eventually becomes president of the United States. Theodore Roosevelt became president following the assassination of William McKinley. When reading this must read book about President Roosevelt, readers learn how he was an avid writer.

This moving book allows readers to go deeper into President Grant's life. While reading Personal Memoirs of Ulysses S. Grant, you learn that Grant actually attended the prestigious school of West Point. Also, you learn more about how he was appointed to find volunteers for the Union Army. Eventually, he became commander of all the Union armies. The book ends with describing President Grant's time in office as well as how he was suffering from throat cancer. This memoir is one of the most emotional memoirs about a president.

This memoir should certainly be considered one of the must read books about American presidents. It focuses on the early life of President Obama before he became president. Dreams from My Father describes how Barack Obama, a man of mixed heritage, grew up in Hawaii and then eventually moved to Chicago as a civil rights lawyer. It goes into detail about how he had parents of two different races and how his father essentially abandoned him after he was born. Also, it describes President Obama's life at Harvard University and how he traveled to Kenya after his father died to learn more about his dad's roots. The book comes to a close with his Keynote Address at the Democratic Convention in 2004. After reading this book, you will miss President Obama.

This biography about President Reagan should be on your list of must read books about American presidents if isn't already. The author, Lou Cannon, enthusiastically describes President Reagan's time in office and how some people did not feel he was a suitable choice for president. Also, he points out how he thinks President Reagan was is willfully blind in many ways because he never wanted to deal with major issues. President Reagan: The Role of a Lifetime combines appreciation and mockery of President Reagan. Cannon explains how he personally admired Reagan as a person and was fond of his personality but did not agree with decisions as president.

This book is one of a kind and needs to be on your must read books about American presidents. The author, Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr., describes President Kennedy with strong details since he was in the White House while he was president. He provides great information about the ups and downs of his presidency. When reading A Thousand Days, it is obvious the author has a strong admiration for President Kennedy. This book is fresh and has a very interesting take on Kennedy's life in the White House.

This biography about Andrew Jackson focuses on how he was both appreciated and hated. The author, Jon Meacham, uses old letters and papers to describe Jackson's family life, his presidency and the private details not many people know about him. President Jackson was viewed as a fighter and founded the Democratic Party. This book draws on how President Jackson was intelligent, brave, and did everything in his power to keep America safe.

This biography is one of the must read books about American presidents because it will keep you thoroughly entertained learning about Thomas Jefferson's presidency, personal life, and personality. Readers can understand the life of a man who helped to draft the Declaration of Independence. The author, Joseph J. Ellis, shows the contradictions in Jefferson's life and how he is a complicated man. The author explains the highs and lows in President Jefferson's life. American Sphinx briefly draws on how he had a sex scandal. He was a pivotal president in history. This book won the 1997 National Book Award in nonfiction for Joseph J. Ellis' outstanding depiction of President Jefferson.

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