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Mediocrity: The Destructive Indulgence of the GOP

The Weaponization of Agreement

By John WorthingtonPublished 13 days ago 6 min read
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I have an idea with two unrelated sides that is bugging me these days. One side is the national infatuation with mediocrity and the other is the growing void which is brought about through deliberately indulging in disagreement. It appears to me that the two concepts are in symbiotic orbit around each other.

Mediocrity is simply doing, living, existing in the easiest form possible. It shows up in things like line dancing, TikTok challenges, dick pics as a pick-up line, and god awful stupidity in Congress. I bitch about congress a lot, but those dudes and dudettes represent all of us so they are the best sources of comedic and amazingly stupid examples of what we get when we elect officials. There’s room for improvement, one might say.

Deliberately indulging in disagreement is more subtle in ways but is lethal to any variety of progress. If one deliberately disagrees or withholds agreement, one is weaponizing agreement. We see people like Jr. Jordan, Matti Boi Gaetz, 6B, Steve Four Shirts Bannon, Stoned Roger, Green Bay Navarro, Mark from out of Right Field, The Parking Lot Habba Girl, Rudy, The Kraken, Baby Jenna, Kelly Ann of the weird spelling, and so on and on and on. All of the Magites are dedicated to pushing disagreement (which they deliberately indulge in) so they can push for disagreement to elevate their brand of outrageousness–as opposed to pushing for agreement to find the best solution. Joe Manchen, Lindsey Graham, and don’t forget the most important Coach “Dumbo” Tommy are all Senators who have indulged in weaponizing disagreement over the last year just to make a political statement about a supposed issue which is most often the current emotional trigger for desperate right wingers. But if they withhold agreement, they instantly become relevant for no reason at all. They do all regularly provide new episodes for Seinfeld. Their campaigns aren’t about anything, either.

Indulging in Deliberately Destructive Disagreement

To disagree as a way of destruction is not only childish, it is pure indulgence in stomping feet and screaming to achieve a goal no one else is pleased about. Three-year-olds are excellent at using this tactic to achieve three-year-old demands. When a sitting United States Senator indulges in deliberate disagreement, he announces that he operates at the lowest common denominator of accomplishment. We call that level of accomplishment mediocre. But we really shouldn’t expect anything outstanding from someone who is steadfastly disagreeable as a way of achieving the zenith of mediocrity. If mediocrity can even have a zenith. If it can't, how about a saturation? I know I’m having trouble absorbing one more bullshit reason from any politician of any stripe weaponizing agreement to achieve his inner three-year-old mediocrity. I am sure of one thing. I’m not the only one who is having trouble absorbing the red-tainted bullshit flowing out of Washington, election year or not.

The fool’s gold standard of mediocrity this election cycle is obviously a certain Gold shit dispenser and his Traveling Amen Corner. I heard a Rachel Maddow Podcast the other day where she dredged up a 1964 story about Republicans, who did not have a plan then either, but claimed election fraud. Surprisingly they had no proof of it then either. But they recruited poll watchers and some of those poll watchers even demanded legal identification from Latin-looking people. That did not end well, but I bring it up to point out that the Republican playbook has always thought skimpy relations with reality was just the ticket to practice indulging in deliberately destructive disagreement. Republicans are just holding up a well-used demonstration of what to do if you have nothing to show for your existence, but think you’re entitled to behave exactly like mommy told you to behave so she could get even with daddy. Guys! Let’s encourage politicians to act the fool and be as destructive as they can be. They always destroy themselves before they destroy us, anyway. Stupidity is powerful but it is not clever enough to prevent practitioners from inflicting debilitating harm to themselves just to show how black their behinds are, I guess. Not much else even makes sense. They’re mostly right about what they do but they always miss who they do it to. Oh, well.

Destruction and Stupidity Are All They Know

Let me cut to the chase here. This whole Republican dog and pony show featuring the Gold shit dispenser as star and executive producer or a wished-for rerun of that Chit Show, The Fools Gold West Wing. That whole fools gold affair can be most easily defined as the alchemy of elevating mediocrity to the acme of Coyote level guaranteed failure. Coyote is smart but not all that observant. It’s considered wise to be able to see anything beyond the end of your nose is how the old timers said it. It makes sense. But buying the Acme brand Indulgence of deliberately disagreeing in order to hold progress hostage to three-year-old demand techniques represents the worst case of mediocrity orbiting disagreement as an indulgent weapon. No wonder the Road Runner always wins.

It’s the best and, of course, only strategy mediocrity can use to win an election. No one wants mediocrity. But that defines the Republican ideology. No abortion because that’s the path of least need for actual thought. No Democracy because that would limit what most of the Republican Party hopefuls are running on. Mediocrity can’t stand the scrutiny of real life use. Hate, prejudice and even trolling are all examples of mediocrity. So, of course, the designated leader of the Republican Agreement disruption contingent can only complain about everything from windmills killing whales, to water-starved toilets, to gas stove fondness, to the destruction of the country by Dark Brandon. You know how destructive that man is, he’s caused more jobs to be available than any president ever. He’s appointed an awful lot of judges. More than the last guy by quite a bit, I’m told. The guy has the world's best record in the post-pandemic inflation wars. He’s not perfect, but he’s not a felon either. There is a thing Dark Brandon definitely is not. He’s not mediocre. Dark Brandon does not whine, either. You know whiners are so mediocre. No wonder a whining mediocre shit dispenser can command progress-opposed Apprentices as disciples. You may not agree with me about any of this, but you have to admit that this is at least one rationale for J. D. Vance’s existence. But then J. D is from Ohio. So is Jacketless Jr. Jordan.

If Seinfeld ever gets a remake those two should be auditioned for leading roles. I could see J D as a George replacement and Jacketless Jr. Jordan would be a shoo-in for a Kramer replacement. I mean, how could a show be more about nothing than the indulgent and destructive disagreement those men represent. Not to mention, how those two represent the Acme of mediocrity. Well, I suppose the public could accept a Bleach Blonde Bad Build Butch Bodied Elaine who doesn’t even have to act like she’s dumb as a box of rocks. She just has to be herself. I mean, we could maybe cut out a bunch of one-minute shorts of those three champions of mediocrity and do a viral political statement about the wonders of destructive disagreement and at the same time do an exposé on the stupidity required to be that damned mediocre.

The Absurdity of “Both-Sidism”

Yo, media geeks. Here’s a ready-made both-sides story that defines both-side mediocrity. You geeks aren’t going to indulge in destructive disagreement now are you? I thought you media geeks were purported to be liberal? I guess you’re actually traditionally conservative disagreement deal makers, huh? Good thing you guys aren’t racist or gun advocates or anti-abortionists. I know none of you could be Protrumpeters because you just have to be all fair and balanced, right? Fair enough, then how about being fair and balanced with we folk who read and listen to your thoughts and watch your actions.

I don’t think it’s fair to say you’re just mediocre two-sideists. I think a good part of the reason for all the whole two sides thing, is because you’re all afraid of experiencing certain destructive disagreement brought on by hordes of the Mar Lardo Orks. Well, may I indulge in some destructive disagreement with your premise. I wonder how you could be fair and balanced with that idea that’s been bugging me. You know, that mediocrity and destructive disagreement are in a symbiotic orbit? If that’s not true then explain how come CNN moderators were not allowed to fact check The Gold shit dispenser?

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