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Making laws that have the opposite effect from that which is claimed to be the intended one.

changing the law can change attitudes in the "wrong" way

By Peter RosePublished about a year ago 4 min read

Making laws that have opposite effect to that which is claimed to be the intended one.

How attitude changes when the law is changed to force people to a way of thought

I was born into the second world war; in my early years we lived in a rural setting, dirt poor materially but blissfully happy in every other respect. Never hungry due to growing our own veg having our own fruit trees and keeping rabbits and goats for meat and milk. Rationing meant in many ways everyone was poor, in fact by modern material standards even those we considered posh were poor. Then we were moved to a terraced council house, since this had inside plumbing and mains sewage, it was luxury to us but on a “sink” estate, not that I realised that at the time, as we all got on well as a mini community. The cops only came in 3; one to mind the car while other 2 did the visiting. One night I was stopped and questioned by a cop who would not believe the address I gave him because I wore a “collage” scarf (actually in the colours of my apprenticeship ) and spoke the kings English. A couple of doors down from us in our terrace, lived a gentleman and a younger man. This at a time when homosexuality was illegal. Later I worked at a factory where the older man was the accountant. No problem. While their relationship may not have been approved of by most, no one grassed to the authorities, everyone treated them civilly as part of our mini community. No one showed they were “offended” nothing was said, no one was forced to take a “position,” life went on for everyone in the normal way of the time. This was how all layers of British society behaved at this time. Everyone to their own, as long as not causing harm to others. Duty predominated over rights. Simple.

Now we have a vast number of laws to govern how we think, feel, manage every human and social situation. This has changed all of society from, "each to their own," to being offended by things do not agree with, and demanding a right to alter how others live. Now we have a media blizzard of demands that old works of literature be changed, how every mini social group must conform, how any remark, even jocular, is examined in the minutest detail to see if it is possible that someone somewhere can take offence. We have a constant bombardment of social engineering to try and force people to accept “alternative lifestyles”. Which is what we did before the law forced us to do it.

We now have greater social conflict, greater unease, greater distrust, greater tension; than ever before. The imposition of laws to force people to have an opinion that is acceptable to the lawyers who interpret the law, and to force people to agree with some artificial interpretation of what is considered right by an anonymous, unelected, group that evade responsibility for the consequences of their social meddling.

“ Society “ is --- or should be—organic in that it slowly grows, changes, evolves, develops, through its own energy, its own built-in systems. The imposition of forced rapid, changes with toxic levels of control is destructive.

In Britain at the start of the 21st century; the forced imposition – for political gain and advantage of a very few,- of multiculturalism and mass illegal economic migration, is the most extreme example of these attempts to force social groups into rapid changes, ones that those making up the group have not been given any control over. Over many hundreds of years Britain has absorbed many waves of immigrants, The original Celtic people were taken over by Romans, Saxons, Danes, Normans, later the waves of European religious warfare meant many others came to Britain. The important difference between history and modern times, are these:- The sheer numbers arriving. The base size of the indigenous population and most important of all, historically immigrants came to integrate, to become part of that organic society. The modern problems come from the fact that now society is expected to welcome being forced to suddenly accept alien culture being imposed on their own indigenous one. A guarantee of conflict and social unrest, which is so obvious an outcome, that its imposition must be deliberate.

This is just one aspect, one of the more noticeable ones, but the problem runs deeper, The so called “hate crimes” laws force people to change attitudes suddenly, they are the toxic control that destroys the organic growth of social attitudes, mentioned above. The ancient Chinese thinkers, thousands of years ago, showed that making more laws simply makes more criminals. Tell a human that they are a criminal for thinking old thoughts and they soon adopt adversarial attitudes to authority and social cohesion. You reap what you sow.


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