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Mainstream Deception In UFO Disclosure Is Stronger Than Ever

Shadow Government Is Feeling The Pressure

By Paul GuadagnoPublished 11 days ago 4 min read

Whoever is pulling Nasa's strings is still up to their old tricks. Denial, denial, denial ! A few recent podcasts that I found refer to how Nasa is responding to the recent UFO / UAP disclosure narrative .

The very recent podcast above explains how NASA is still playing dumb about UFOs and Non human intelligence.

This podcast goes as far as blaming UFOS on the Chinese !

Im not surprised at all that Nasa hasn't changed their stance on UFOs and Alien life. They will do anything to make sure this reality stays hidden. But it may not be ultimately up to them.

Let's face it. David Grusch let a giant cat out of the bag ! Future congressional hearings are imminent. And like I said a few months ago, forced full disclosure will take years to pan out. The anti-truth brigade seems to be back in full force.

But there are still military personnel coming forward and speaking the truth. Please refer to the very recent podcast below.

When I first started speculating about the evolution of UFO disclosure years ago, I truly believed our authorities would start with something less threatening like factual evidence of microbial life on Mars or ancient artifacts of a past civilization, but that hasn't even come to pass yet. They're still up there playing with their remote controlled toys and acting like martian rocks and a little water at the surface are the most interesting things they can find 😂. All I can say is Nasa is going to be left in the dust if they don't start catching up with reality and start admitting to a deeper truth !

Being that the Pentagon and NASA are still denying the extra terrestrial reality, it seems my original prediction of how disclosure will evolve is still in play. Please refer to my first article: "Face" The Martian Artifacts - Disclosure Is Possible and 3 more updated versions of it.

These four articles are available on and show how this subject matter has evolved over time. And why I believe there's a lot of evidence that confirms Nasa and other departments of our government are not being honest with us, when it comes to UFOs and non human intelligence.

More controversial evidence that supports the reality of artificial structures on Mars is remote viewing. You have to consider that our government uses remote viewing to recover information.

Refer to the book below:

This one is a must for anyone interested in Cydonia.


Gold And Silver Are Strengthening

Financial markets seem very weak right now. We are likely at the very beginning of a substantial change in the financial markets, the same way we're at the very beginning of a full disclosure narrative on UFOs. With Gold and Silver strengthening recently, I'm expecting the relationship between upside in precious metals to more closely correlate with future events in UFO / UAP disclosure over the longer term. Refer to the other articles I've written and published on Vocal to understand how our financial markets may be tied to the UFO disclosure narrative. I do understand that the core weakness in the world economy is the real reason why Gold is going up. I'm just saying that the "non human" intelligence reality along with political unrest will throw extra fuel on that fire.

Final Statement

Most people still have to ask themselves: Where is the logic in denying a reality that can be proven scientifically ? Do I have to spell it out ? Are we living back in the past when everyone thought the earth was the center of the universe ? We are about to go through another big change in the world paradigm. It will take time. But not that much. It will probably happen within a lot of our lifetimes.

The mainstream public should not fear this no matter what their Religious, social, or economic beliefs are. I have a strong feeling this paradigm shift is going to be ushered in very slowly and most people won't even realize what has happened once we're on the other side. In other words don't expect any kind of long term shock to the system. That's how good world governments are at pulling the wool over your eyes 👀. But in their defense I truly believe they think they are doing this for the "greater good". Wether that's true or not is hard to say.

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