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Look Good. Feel Good. Make a Contribution.

Slogan for Personal Evolution

By Samir M GoradiaPublished 3 years ago 4 min read

Television viewers tend to mired in stories of disease, conflict, hatred, violence, oppression, and stagnation.

This is just the type of environment that causes unknown heroes to rise from obscurity, their stories becoming a central part of our ongoing social discourse.

While the Trump Administration came into power despising the unmoving "deep state" bureaucracy, insiders knew that the true purpose of this unnamed branch of government was survival itself: whether national survival, personal survival, species survival, global survival, or universal survival. The essential personality characteristic of every member of "deep state" has always be a focus on survival.

Part of survival is, of course, handing our civilization down to new generations. This requires always caring for our young, and even, our pets, our plants, our land.

While everyone can agree to these ideals, specializing in this area of survival involves a personal practice in staying young.

Today, when I think of what I need to do in my personal life to remain "youthful", even at the age of 53, I think of the following three things that I think noone can disagree with:

Looking Good: unless you're still trying to hide under a rock in "deep state", everyone on the planet would want to look good.

Feel Good: Can anyone disagree that its good to enjoy life?

Make a Contribution: In my humble opinion, the main point is not a financial contribution to your favorite cause, but more importantly a contribution in terms of your skills, talents, ideas, etc.

That doesn't mean you should be stingy with your money. If you are really interested in finding a cure for Covid19, then even one dollar would be a starting point to demonstrate your commitment.

If its a political cause, same thing. Ultimately, America is not a country that will ever judge you for whether you vote Democrat or Republican.

As we enter the final phase of this contentious election cycle, the most important thing in my mind, besides my personal connection to New York City, where the Trumps are from; and to the Christian Faith, which is the basis of Mike Pence's appeal; is how to get out of this cycle of conflict itself.

While I definitely agree with much of the traditional social agenda of the democratic party, with regards to equality, women's rights, civil rights, and overall fairness; I also know that in a close call, we need to err towards CIVILIAN LEADERSHIP rather than MILITARY RULE.

The American system of government, even in times of unavoidable war, is based on Civilian OVERSIGHT of the Armed Forces.

The military establishment probably understands that war is not the end goal. The ends of war is peace.

I don't want to use this space any further to revealing my personal election preferences.

More importantly, as an admitted deep state contributor, I want to personally contribute as part of a community of motivated Americans of both parties who agree to this slogan for contemporary life: Look Good, Feel Good, and Make aa Contribution!

While the most important concerns on our minds these days may be Covid19 or the conflict in China, we must also think about the sudden changes in our collective quality of life. Part of this consideration is the reconsideration of whether we truly had such a great quality of life prior to Covid19.

Most of us have had times of relative ease in terms of financial concerns, for example. Yet, we might not have made the best choices on how we spent our money. We were able to afford dessert with our date night meal; but we became physically unfit.

We got a promotion at work, but lost all our friends by acting too bossy towards them.

We spent money on a luxury cruise. but got stranded when bacteria was found in the food on the ship.

So, some of us must take some time to focus not on the immediate problems, but the future. Life after Covid19. Politics after 2020. Earth after Global Warming.

We each want to be valued in our circles of friends, but we're all out protesting. How many protesters are needed to make a point? And what happens if a tree falls in the middle of a protest?

Personally, even when I insult my adversary on social media, I try to let people know that I really hope for the time we can once again be friends. None of us can escape identity politics, and would be foolish to be activists for someone else's cause.

Hopefully, when the dust settles, whoever wins the election, we can continue to repair age old distrusts and disagreements, between our spiritual beliefs, our personal beliefs, and our cultural origins.

What I've witnessed in some places is a total breakdown of civilization, where people don't even remember the simple courtesies we offered each other, not as friends, but as neighbors, classmates, or even relatives.

Scientists say the human species now comprised of two subspecies: The intellectuals, and the Neanderthals. There must be some other alternative.


About the Creator

Samir M Goradia

Samir Goradia grew up in Queens, New York, and attended The Bronx High School of Science/

He resides in Bakersfield, California, where he is involved in the transition to Commercial Space Travel; and also disaster relief with FEMA.

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