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Lisa Nandy: Critic of Jeremy Hunt's Budget.

Rewarding The Wealthiest Once More.

By Nicholas BishopPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Lisa Nandy.

Labour's Lisa Nandy has gone to town on Chancellor Jeremy Hunt's Budget. Ms. Nandy regards the budget as a lost opportunity to give real power to local communities.

Ms. Nandy said if elected Labour will redress this balance. She said Mr. Hunt's budget was a lost opportunity to devolve powers to local people in the UK. Mostly in England where unlike Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland all-local administrations come under London. Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland (not currently sitting) are responsible for their own governing. Although of course as part of the UK London still calls the shots for things like defence, etc.

In the levelling up agenda, the Conservatives did talk about giving devolution to areas of England. However, it would appear that in Mr. Hunt's budget according to Ms. Nandy, this has largely not transpired.

Lisa Nandy made the following statement: "we can do better than this. 13 years from this failing Tory government". She went on: "it cannot be right that the government spends billions on the wealthiest with tax cuts while the other 99% of us have to struggle".

Ms. Nandy ever the shrewd observer is correct. It seems despite promises to help local communities the Tories are reverting to type. They know the local elections are looming in May. They also are aware there is a general election next year. They also know their position in most opinion polls is dire. So with these tax breaks for the wealthy who by and large support the Tories are hoping this will reverse their fortunes. Of course, migration will have to be tackled one way or the other. However, the Tories being tough on migrants will win them support from the general population (they hope).

Lisa continued her attack on the budget: "9% of the population are granted the power to take charge of their own destiny under new devolution deals". As mentioned earlier Lisa said, "Labour will deliver for the people" (on this).

Handing power to local areas of England is in theory a good idea. The thought is that local people know their areas well. And are in a position to fix local problems with local solutions. Rather than all the solutions and ideas emanating from Westminister. For a long time, people in the north and midlands have moaned that everything is London-centric. Many areas of England (some in the south too) feel left behind. Feeling that those in London and in the south don't care about the north or midlands. The levelling up scheme devised after Boris won the 2019 election was supposed to fix this. The idea was to reward those areas of England that had never voted Conservative before. The levelling up agenda may be working in some areas but it will not solve all of the issues. Bids are put into the levelling-up fund. And those deemed most worthy are then granted the funding they require. The granted money is used for whatever is deemed useful to the local community in different areas.

If Labour wins the next election it will then be able to demonstrate its pledge to give more power to those left behind communities. Giving those communities real power to solve local issues on the ground and in real- time.

Labour will have a lot of work to do to undo 13 years of Tory mismanagement. That's why as soon Sir Keir enters No 10 they must have the right policies in place. To hit the ground running from day 1 of a Starmer administration. The words are very well and good. It is action that is needed to transform people's lives.

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