Let's Argue

Life as a #BlackForTrump

Let's Argue

As an African American Republican, I've been called a turncoat, a coon, and even a bootlicker all because I do not fit the narrative of the African American male. From the beginning of time, African Americans have demographically been known to vote Democrat down a single ballot and then wonder why they are still poor and hardly able to make ends meet. Most of those that have judged me and continue to shun me for openly supporting President Trump, are the main ones living in poverty and hellholes.

Embarrassingly, I watch as family members and close friends struggle. When asked what Barack Obama and the Democrats have done to help them, their response is always the same. ObamaCare. No one, not even Nancy Pelosi, is familiar with every contingency written in that failed plan. With premiums out of this world, ObamaCare will collapse on its own. It is no secret, however, that plan has run this country dry.

President Trump has offered real programs, not those that keep people, especially African Americans, in a state of dependency. Barack Obama did absolutely nothing for the African American People, nor the American People. Under Barack Obama, 25% of black households live below the poverty line as compared to eight percent of white households. One out of three black children lives in poverty. Blacks are twice as likely as whites to be unemployed. Blacks earn $13,000 less per year than their white counterparts. The unemployment rate of African Americans has consistently been twice as high compared to whites over the last 50 years. For nearly $100 in wealth of a white household, the black household only has $6 in wealth. Thanks to Obama, we saw gun violence sky rocket out of control. Blacks are suffering the most because they are six times more likely to be a victim of a homicide than whites. Crime escalated rather quickly thanks to Obama stoking the race wars in America, with Black Lives Matter.

Society has confused oppression with laziness. The opportunities here in America are endless but, it all comes down to willpower. For years, the Democrats have been preaching that the Republicans have been oppressing the African Americans but as an African American myself, that is not the case. The Republican Party has not prevented anyone from reaching their full potential, but the Democrats sure have: by informing the people of today that it is perfectly fine to leech off the government rather than to attend college and work hard. That alone is why many African Americans are unemployed and drawing some sort of check and receiving unneeded benefits that could go towards our beloved veterans and stored towards Social Security, for the coming years. I refuse to represent a party that is built upon stereotypical dogmatic philosophies, and candidates that prey on the ignorance of the uninformed African American voters.

A few months ago, Michelle Obama came out and said that now since Donald Trump has been president, she knows what it is like to be without hope. I can honestly say that her comments didn't surprise me considering she's also been known to say that the only time she's truly been proud to be an American was when her husband won the presidency back in 2008, so her comments didn't shock me whatsoever.

Back in 2008, I watched as Barack Obama made his plea to the American voters, assuring them that he was the right choice and an agent of change. Not only that but I also watched as he tried to sell himself to the African American community, saying that he was going to mend the inner city, create jobs, and establish affordable health care.

2016 came to a close and so did his second term. Millions of Americans were left wondering: What has Barack Obama done for this country? What has he done for me? What has he done for the African American community? And the answer is, absolutely nothing.

Barack Obama failed the African American community, he failed the American People, and he failed this nation.

Let's be clear, this hope that Michelle Obama is referring to, the hope that she saw being stripped always for her was a false hope that only her husband could make this country great, it was a false hope that only her husband could fix Americans problems, and it was the false hope that only her husband was the agent of change for this country.

Coming from an African American, Michelle Obama, you do not speak for me. As a matter of fact, my hope that seemed to vanish for eight long years has been reassured. The hope that I lost thanks to your husband has been reignited, thanks to President Trump.

I am proud to support President Trump. A President that stands for true American Values, supports the brave men and women in uniform and is a firm believer that America has and shall always be first.

No one, not even the Fake News Media can derail President Trump and the correlation that stands firmly behind him. #Let'sArgue: To view my opponent, Dre Joseph's side, click here.

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