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King Charles Grants Off-Shore Wind Farm Money For The Public Good.

Charles The Giver?

By Nicholas BishopPublished 5 months ago 3 min read
King Charles III.

From a boy up until the time Charles became the 3rd Monarch bearing that name Charles has been trained to be King. His Mother Elizabeth II from 1952 - 2022 was the Queen of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth. Of course, the role of the monarch in Britain today is a constitutional role only (though one wonders does the monarch have more say in affairs of state than we think). Long gone are the days when the Monarch was one who could command the country at will.

On the announcement of the death of Elizabeth II Charles automatically became King. His coronation presumably at Westminister Abbey will take place this year. It is a ceremony dating back probably a thousand years or more. As sycophantic as the BBC, ITV, and other broadcasters are the ceremony will like his Mother before him be televised.

During his Christmas broadcast, the King voiced concern about the 'cost of living crisis'. Something the King will be acutely aware of although of course, he himself will remain unaffected. Just like our rather, rich Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and others of his ilk.

The King has announced that he wishes to change how the monarchy does business. Perhaps with that in mind the King has waived any money he would make off off-shore wind farms located around the British coast.

Instead, the King states that he would rather the money earned would go to the "public good". The Keeper of the Privy Purse (who is responsible for how Royal money is spent) has written to Prime Minister Sunak and Chancellor Hunt expressing the King's wish. Sunak, Hunt, and the Privy Purse Keeper are the Trustees of the Royal money.

The King's off-shore wind farms are worth 1 billion Pounds Sterling. The King would have made a nice earner from these generators of electricity. However, the taxpayer still funds the Royal family which goes into the Sovereign Grant. This is a government allowance for the King and other royals to live off. It is worth 86.3 million Pounds. The King receives 25% of this to fund official work. The other 10% goes to the upkeep, renovation, and refurbishment of Buckingham Palace.

The Chief Executive of the Crown Estate was ecstatic about the news of money going to the "public good". Dan Labbad said it would generate 8 gigawatts of electricity from the royal turbines out at sea. Mr Labbad thought the idea of 7 million homes benefiting from this across the country was a good thing.

However, Graham Smith of an anti-monarchy group wasn't so sure. Mr. Smith rightly observed that the King's decision might just be "political theatre". Maybe the King is doing this just to show he actually cares or perhaps he does? One can never know what is going through the Monarch's head. However, as Mr. Smith also observes the King cannot make any decisions any way either way. The decisions ultimately are made by the government of the day. The Prime Minister meets with the King once a week. Whether the matter of diverted money from a Royal wind farm will come up we will never know.

The first two Charles' lived through traumatic times. Charles I fought a war against Parliamentary forces, lost, was put on trial and was beheaded. His son Charles II returned after the Republic set up by Oliver Cromwell failed.

Right now what with a war in Ukraine, Brexit, the pandemic, strikes, and the cost of living crisis, we live in equally unstable times. There is also a civil war ongoing in the House of Windsor between Harry and Meghan and the other Royals. How tumultuous this will prove for this 3rd Charles will remain to be seen.

Chief Executive of the Crown Estate was ecstatic about money going the "public good".


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